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Site created on March 12, 2019

On Saturday March 9th Carol suffered a stroke while standing in the bathroom in their house in Julian. Her left side was paralyzed and she fell to the floor during the event. She was unable to catch herself or slow her fall and in the process severely fractured her left ankle. She was taken by ambulance to Ramona where she was put aboard a helicopter and flown to Palomar Medical Center in Escondido California. 

Newest Update

Journal entry by Amanda Faith

Thank you for your patience on updates! After several visits there have been minor improvements here and there. Jon, Sahalee, Tarn, Julie, and Heather flew in this past week to not only visit with mom, but to help out with much needed duties. The visits with everyone have been great for moms recovery, and a little overwhelming at times when there were 12 of us there at the same time. My poor mama... I have 2 goals put in place for a smoother recovery. One, keep her happy, comfortable, and focused. Second, I will take the artist in me to create gadgets she can use with one hand mobility. It's the least I can do. I have seen movement in her left leg, but none in her left arm and hand. I know this is strange and confusing for mom at this time, as well as frustrating. She tells me it's hard to focus and difficult to remember new information. I try to talk to her normal like we usually do, and ometimes along the line she forgets where she is. As if she were at home planning our breaks and holidays with me which comforts and saddens me all at once. Mom's PEO friends from Poway have stopped by a few times, even played a game of Connect 4. However, tonight she is in surgery for her ankle for a second time because it is not healing well. Will keep you updated on the result of tonight's surgery. 
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