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Site created on April 22, 2021

Mom's journey began in January 2021 after a fall and after a scan taking in the ER showed that she had a tumor on her liver. At the time she also had COVID. She developed pneumonia due to COVID, so she was admitted to hospital a few days later. Then after being discharged from hospital; she spent about a month in an Eagle Pass rehab. After rehab the REAL journey began; blood tests, MRIs, CT scans, liver biopsy and so on.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Laura Dimery

Late post:  Today mom was complaining abdominal pain so Aunt Gigi took her to the ER in Uvalde.  They did labs, EKG and CT scan twice to watch her stomach. Labs and EKG came back normal. They found fluid in the abdomen and she had what they call Ascites.  That is when there is fluid in the peritoneal cavity caused by all the liver issues.  They drained 16 lbs of fluid off of her and said it was pressing against her heart.  They put her in ICU for the night to watch her. After draining off the fluid, she was feeling 100% better.  
6/11/21: Talking to her today, she sounds back to herself.  She said she has never felt better and doesn't even feel sick.  She said she has her appetite back.  That's such a blessing!  We know how much she likes to eat. 😊 
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