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Site created on May 21, 2019

My thyroid cancer began on December 5, 1988.  I had a total thyroidectomy by Dr. Vincent Russo.  I had treatment of I-131 iodine afterward and hoped for a 20 plus year remission.  In 1994, three days after burying my father from cancer, they revealed it had returned with a vengeance.  Again, I was treated with I-131 iodine. In 2016, we began following another tumor markers with the help of Mayo Clinic and my doctor.  In September of 2018, my ultrasound was clear and my blood still said there's cancer somewhere but we couldn't find the Easter egg.  I went again for a checkup on May 9, 2019.  We really thought the blood was bad testing or just another hunt for something hidden deep within.  Dr. Gamboa did an ultrasound in the office after ordering my Thyrogen to  begin the bone/body scanning. When he did the test he discovered lymph nodes on both sides and changed the schedule to begin treatment on May 20.   On May 16, an ambulance brought me in with breathing issues, chest pains, fever and they found me to be sepsis. I stayed in OLOL until Monday, May 20.  So treatment would have to be pushed back up to three months. 

Newest Update

Journal entry by Carol McCoy

Just a note, I don't read Facebook. I only use Facebook for work.  So all info needs to be contained in this one spot. And it will make it easier for me to update once I'm in Texas.

I'm still trying to wrap up details so I can get to Houston and see what all I'm dealing with. So I don't have much to say until I know what all is ahead. 

Thanks to all of you who care.  I ask that you pray for me.
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