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Gifted by Margaret Brady

“In honor of Carl Stam”

Gifted by Susan E. Bass

“In honor of Carl Stam”

Gifted by The Huegerich Family

“In appreciation of Chip & his family”
Theresa & Pete Morris

Gifted by Theresa & Pete Morris

“In honor of Carl Stam”
Timothy W. Logan

Gifted by Timothy W. Logan

“In honor of Carl Stam and his faithful family.”

Gifted by Anita and Don Waters

“In honor of Carl Stam, Doris, Michael, Martin, and Clara- an incredibly wonderful and inspiring family !”

Gifted by Barbara Gray

“In honor of Carl Stam from Dean and Barb Gray”

Gifted by Beverly Ann Brown

“In honor of Carl Stam”

Gifted by Dr. Margaret M. Brady

“Chip, A wonderful friend and inspiration to all.”

Gifted by Dr. Charles M. Ferguson

“In honor of Carl Stam's wonderful faith & courage.”