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16 Tribute Donations

Bert & Jon Hays

Gifted by Bert & Jon Hays

“In honor of Carl Gerbrandt”
Terry & Joan

Gifted by Terry & Joan

“To praise God for the life of Carl Gerbrandt, and to give thanks to CaringBridge for this marvelous site that helped us stay informed and in touch.”
Duane & Marie Franzen

Gifted by Duane & Marie Franzen

“To honor the memory of Carl Gerbrandt. :-)”
Jim and Susan Morris

Gifted by Jim and Susan Morris

“In honor of Carl Gerbrandt”
Pauline and Jon Willems

Gifted by Pauline and Jon Willems

“In honor of Carl Gerbrandt”
Shari Anderson

Gifted by Shari Anderson

“In honor of Carl Gerbrandt”

Gifted by anonymous

“In honor of Carl Gerbrandt”
Jim and Siegi Willems

Gifted by Jim and Siegi Willems

“In honor of Carl Gerbrandt”
Lola and Red Fehr

Gifted by Lola and Red Fehr

“In honor of Carl Gerbrandt. Love to all the Gerbrandt family,”
Burghley Girls

Gifted by Burghley Girls

“For the pilot of the Yellow Bee!”