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Aug 16-22

Week of Aug 16-22

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Since I'm having labs every week, you'll be hearing from me more frequently until my next treatment on September 30th.  I got a great report this week!!!

My Red Blood Cells were .10 from being in the "normal" range, and my Hemoglobin and Platelets are back in the Normal range!  My Glucose was 85, which anything below 100 is great!!!   I was afraid the Prednisone that I was taking would send my Glucose into diabetic range, but I made it through and done!! It's been a few weeks since I finished that.

This is the best report I've had since being diagnosed!  Let's just pray it stays that way and I can continue to feel this good!  Yes, I'm feeling great, and hoping the  arthritis pains don't come back hard!  Now that the Chemo after effects have been done, I'm grateful that it wasn't as harmful as it's been known to be!

I'm getting out some, just being careful and cautious about where I go and who I'm around!! Keep those prayers coming!!  God is hearing them and blessing me with answers!!

Blessings to each of you as you stay safe and well!


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