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Gifted by anonymous

“In honor of Cara Collins”

Gifted by Monica R. Fabbri

“Sending hugs and good wishes to Cara and her family...Bill, Monica, Molly and Megan Fabbri”
Russ Atkins

Gifted by Russ Atkins

Ms. Caroline Griffin

Gifted by Ms. Caroline Griffin

“In honor of Cara Collins”

Gifted by Jane T. Rohd

“Thoughts, prayers and love to Cara and her family from Brian and Jane”
Olga Hammond

Gifted by Olga Hammond

“Prayers and blessings to Cara”

Gifted by Mrs. Krista Reeff

“In honor of Cara Collins; God bless her little being, but big brave heart and soul!”

Gifted by Alex Combos

Gifted by John & Sandie Isbister

“Praying for Cara and family, John, Sandie and Dulcinea (our Babydog)”
Mrs. Elisabeth A. Miller

Gifted by Mrs. Elisabeth A. Miller

“In honor of Cara Collins”