Honor Cara

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13 Tribute Donations

“In honor of Cara Collins”

— Anonymous

“Sending hugs and good wishes to Cara and her family...Bill, Monica, Molly and Megan Fabbri”

— Monica R. Fabbri

— Russ Atkins

“In honor of Cara Collins”

— Ms. Caroline Griffin

“Thoughts, prayers and love to Cara and her family from Brian and Jane”

— Jane T. Rohd

“Prayers and blessings to Cara”

— Olga Hammond

“In honor of Cara Collins; God bless her little being, but big brave heart and soul!”

— Mrs. Krista Reeff

— Alex Combos

“Praying for Cara and family, John, Sandie and Dulcinea (our Babydog)”

— John & Sandie Isbister

“In honor of Cara Collins”

— Mrs. Elisabeth A. Miller