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Thanks for joining Team Cara! All of her friends and family make the greatest team Cara could possibly ask for.  We will update this site as treatment continues and encourage you to leave well wishes and words of optimism here. Thanks for visiting! 

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Journal entry by Cara Cocchiarella

Hello friends and family!

I hope you are all moving into the fall in great health, after a fun summer, and with some exciting adventures ahead of you!  Your visits, messages, replies to this journal, and all of your thoughts and positive energy are still such an inspiration to me.  Your care and support have played a huge, helpful role in all of this madness.  Thank you!!!

While we are a tad bit behind schedule again, we were able to wrap up the consolidation phases of treatment this past week.  My doctor is giving me a break from treatment until the middle of October which will likely feel pretty amazing!  We will do a PET scan on October 11th and a few days later will start the maintenance phase.  At that point, I'll be taking oral chemos, doing some intrathecal treatments, and will be in the clinic at least monthly for treatment in my port.  It's an 18-month phase that my doctor swears will be more manageable than what I have been doing...  I'm just going to believe him and roll with it!  :)  I am VERY ready for something less intense and yet, every time I go into the treatment room, I am reminded of where I have been at different times in this journey.  I feel extremely thankful for all of the progress we have made up to this point!  My team - and that includes you - is THE BEST.

All of this is happening just in time for me to get back to work and all of that "real life" stuff.  It's nice to feel like I can be productive again and I have also promised myself that I will continue to prioritize my personal health.  Classes start tomorrow and we will see how it goes!  My coworkers have been incredibly supportive of me so I feel confident about going back full time, knowing that they have my back.  Obviously it will be a big change for me, but it feels good so far!  Admittedly, I'm kind of excited to bring my bald head into the class and prove to my students that although I may look different than them, I am in fact, not an alien.  Seems like good practice... :)

Thank you for being here for me through this crazy situation.  I really do not know what I would do without you!  You have all been so kind.  I am VERY grateful!!!!  As we move into the fall, I look forward to hearing about all of the fun things in your world as well!  Thank you!

Love to you all!
Cara 💪💗
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