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Journal entry by Trish Hopkins

Thank you so much to everyone for the support from both near and far. Moose has sure felt a lot of love the last few days and seen many loving faces. 
As you can imagine this has taken quite a bit of his energy, so we are asking to hold off on having any more visitors for the next couple of days. 
We’ll keep you updated here on the page as to any changes. In the mean time if you’d like to send him a note, you can PM our page and we’ll read it to him. He feels so loved, as do we. 
God bless!
#MooseStrong #FaithOverFear

Journal entry by Trish Hopkins

There is no easy way to say this, and these are not easy times. The last few days have been really hard for both Canyon and our family. 


Canyon’s breathing has taken a significant dip and no longer qualifies for the drug trial in Seattle. He is now on a Vapotherm instead of just oxygen to assist him with his breathing. He, along with the doctors have decided to move towards comfort-based decisions as opposed to treatment of the disease itself. 


During this time, he is still choosing to fight using a less than traditional method that has shown some success and can work along side the comfort care. You can read more about that method here. 


This has all come on so fast over the course of a few days and we are still trying to wrap our heads around what is going on. We are still working on a plan to see what the coming days will look like, and we know a lot of people will want to connect with him.


If you feel like that is something you want to do, please contact Trish, Monte, Chelsea, or Denton and we will do our best to accommodate you. Please know that all decisions will be left up to Canyon, and the intense emotions can be very draining, so we don’t want to overwhelm him. He has built so many beautiful connections with so many people and we just want to do right by him. 


His faith is strong. He loves you all. God bless you! 



Journal entry by Trish Hopkins

After a long unexpected 8 day stay in the hospital we have plans for Seattle.

Canyon was not cleared by the doctors to fly, so yes, we will be making the long drive out west. Although a special thank you and shout out goes to Ken Niece who offered to drive us out to Seattle. You're the bomb Ken! However, we've decided to make it a family road trip and make a few memories along the way.

The current plan is to head west this Saturday and arrive in Seattle on Monday evening. He will meet with his medical team on Tues. the 15th and work through the required paperwork and consents. Wednesday the 16th they will put in his PICC line, and Thursday the 17th they will harvest his cells. As of right now, he should be able to return home for a few weeks while they manipulate and grow his new cells to be infused back into his body. Again, as we learn more we will provide an update.

Please keep us in your prayers on our journey out and back but EXTRA prayers for Canyon as he has had to stop all chemo treatment in order to proceed with this trial.

Thank you to everyone, SO MANY to thank for all of the fundraisers and support with these costly efforts, we are forever grateful for your time and generosity. Canyon fights hard every day.

#Moosestrong is Seattle bound to STOMP out his cancer

God Bless - The Hopkins Crew

Journal entry by Trish Hopkins

Hello Village!

A very brief update, but one many of us have been waiting to hear. We heard from Mayo today that Canyon's tissue tested positive and the Seattle Phase 1 trial has accepted him! 😊 

We do not have any details of when we leave for Seattle or the process and timing of the trial as of this evening. We will be hearing directly from them in the coming days. However, we didn't want to wait to share this wonderful positive news!


Journal entry by Trish Hopkins

We learned today that Canyon's current treatment is no longer working. There is new activity in his lungs as well as new lesions. Unfortunately the Boston trial has been moved to Canada and we will look into that further for access, but may have to jump through some hoops.

However, there is a new Phase 1 trial in Seattle working with Immunotherapy. They are currently testing Canyon's tissue at Mayo and we should know in a week if he qualifies for this trial. It only requires a 7 day wash out period of no treatment, which is actually much better than some trials that require a month or more.

In the meantime Canyon is going to try a whole new chemo cocktail as a bridge while we wait to hear from Seattle. They are changing his daily oral chemo drug as well as two alternative IV chemo drugs starting immediately next week .

Strong prayers are welcomed as this new territory is very scary to us all, but we continue to move forward with positive thoughts. 

Canyon is looking forward to cheering on his ISU Cyclones this weekend with his tribe before he undergoes this new plan next week.


Journal entry by Trish Hopkins

We are back home after a week in the hospital (Tuesday - Friday) for procedures and chemo.

Since the last update Canyon has had a PET scan, another chest tube, as well as another Cryoblation procedure and to top it all off a round of chemo. Whew, that is a lot! He's still standing - no surprise 😉 

First off, last week's PET scan (July 2) showed that the original chemo cocktail is again stabilizing things and there are no new spots! (Cue: Everyone leap with joy here) 😊 😊 😊 The downside was that he also had another (very large this time) pneumothorax, which required a chest tube right before the 4th 😩 (booo). This meant no getting in the water with his friends as he had planned. Although HUGE shout out to Dave Anker, he fixed Canyon up in style with his personal pontoon aka floating dock, complete with shade and fans so that Canyon could float around his friends and enjoy the day. THANK YOU Kristi and Dave, you guys are the best! Also to Alan and Teresa Algreen for providing the perfect spot for fireworks.

Friday morning July 5th he went back to the hospital for a procedure where they take the blood from your port and via infusion through the chest tube attempt to get the lung to stick to the wall to enable the lung to stay expanded and avoid collapsing. He enjoyed a good week-end (even with the chest tube "hanging around") with a couple of Memphis Redbirds games vs I-Cubs, a delicious meal with the family provided by older brother Denton and then back to the hospital for the week.

Tuesday morning bright and early he was admitted for another Cryoblation procedure on his sternum to blast another tumor. At that time, an X-ray showed that Friday's procedure did not take and later in the day attempted another similar procedure with Talc via infusion through the chest tube in the same fashion, however MUCH more discomfort and pain with this one. The nurses and doctors were on it immediately to provide oxygen and immediate meds which calmed everything down quickly. The good news is the next morning the X-ray looked fabulous, the lung had "stuck" to the wall and they were able to remove the chest tube (after being in for a week). 

Wednesday he started another round of chemo and after another blood transfusion was released on Friday evening.

He is recuperating at home and hopes to feel well enough to cheer on his brother Denton's HS BB team in their first round of Districts tonight.

A few follow up appointments scheduled over the next couple of weeks and then hopefully receive the all clear to head to Wisconsin for a week in the woods and on the lake with the family for a much needed break and relaxation for all. Love the Northwoods!

The next round of chemo will start immediately the Monday after we return and then another PET shortly after to be sure the chemo is still effective and no organs have been affected from the long term use of this particular chemo cocktail. Crossing our fingers we hear back from Boston in the mean time. 

His day to day has improved immensely after returning back to the original plan, in that his breathing has improved greatly, he has reduced his pain medications significantly, and he feels more like getting out and about. Keep the continued prayers for Boston and for the next cocktail that will be the miracle we're praying for.

Canyon's rock'in it and keeping up the fight #Moosestrong

Journal entry by Trish Hopkins

We have returned home from the hospital this week as Canyon finished round 2 of the original chemo combination of the Red Devil and Ifosomide over three days in the hospital, as well as his daily oral chemo. The doctors couldn't determine for sure if the pneumothoraxes were caused by the oral chemo (as has been documented is quite common) or after seeing the CT scans, may actually be caused by the growing tumors in his lungs. The decision was made to go back on the oral chemo in combination with the other original chemo cocktail as he had some success the first round with all three. He did have a blood transfusion in the hospital before being released and this seemed to help matters considerably.Thank you to all that have given blood, you have helped so many patients including Canyon. Please continue to give when you can, as you are making a BIG difference in someone's life.

He goes back to his clinic tomorrow for his Neulasta shot and blood counts, there is a possibility he will need another blood transfusion before the week-end but time will tell.  Then Monday back to his oncologist for follow up and blood work.

His next PET scan is scheduled for July 2nd to see if the original plan is slowing things down. We are cautiously optimistic, as I mentioned before, he had some success in the winter with this plan.

There is not a lot to report as he's in the heat of the battle. We'll update again after the 4th of July.

Thank you to all of the men and women who have fought and continue to fight for our country and to keep us all safe. Happy 4th of July!

God Bless! #Moosestrong

Journal entry by Trish Hopkins

Hello Everyone,

We apologize for not updating sooner but Canyon was released "OUT the revolving door" a week a go Saturday June 1st after five days in the hospital and had his chest tube removed last Monday June 3rd before being readmitted this past week-end on Saturday June 8th for low counts and fever.

We saw so many friends and family on Sunday June 6th after being released at our community's Music In The Park (You should really check it out, in Earlham, free live music every Sunday during the summer at 6p in the Earlham city park. A wonderful time). We also saw several people at the ball park throughout the week. "The word was out" so to speak.

However, this past Saturday June 8th Canyon woke up "early bird special" early with a high fever and super wiped out. We followed up with Dr. Woods periodically throughout the morning and shortly thereafter headed to the ER. It was such a bummer for him to be ill because he had plans to spend the afternoon at his cousin's party and looking forward to seeing so many family and other acquaintances and friends, as well as catching some fresh air and sun shine. His body disagreed with that plan.

Upon arriving at the ER it was determined his high fever was due to extremely low counts and "IN the revolving door" he went as he was admitted for antibiotics and close monitoring. Ironically it was exactly a week to the day and hour he was released from the revolving door a week prior.

After spending the week-end in the hospital (one of our shortest stays by the way), today Monday June 10th he was released and back "OUT the revolving door" to home sweet home again.

Hopefully he will be able to stay out of the hospital for a FULL week (fingers crossed). He will go back Wed. for his weekly blood count and then a week from today he'll be readmitted back "IN the revolving door" for three days for his next round of in patient chemo. We pray and hope all goes well and he'll be back home for Father's Day week-end.

He's not missing a beat today regardless of how tired he feels. After a hot meal, hot shower and a good nap he's headed back out to the ball field tonight to hang with his brother Denton and the baseball guys as they go for a win against I-35.

Thank you all for checking in on us and keeping Canyon in your prayers as he continues to fight and go for the WIN of HIS life! Don't Stop Believing (we're NOT) and Say A Little Prayer (for him).

A BIG shout out to all of his nurses on Blank 4, you ALL ROCK and hold a special place in our hearts!

Batter Up! #Moosestrong Ya'll

Journal entry by Trish Hopkins

After receiving the confirmed diagnosis from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Canyon has made the decision to fight to slow down the progression of his sarcoma.

Canyon's treatment will be cycles of 3 day inpatient chemo treatment and 2 1/2 weeks off then 3 day inpatient and so on until he will go back to Mayo for more tests/labs to determine if the chemo is slowing down the spread.

He will receive his port Tuesday morning and meet with his oncologist in Des Moines Tuesday afternoon. We plan to begin his first round of 3 day inpatient chemo treatment either Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning.
Canyon’s Story

Site created on September 2, 2018

Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for visiting.

Canyon was diagnosed on Thurs., Aug. 23rd with a rare form of Soft Tissue Sarcoma. His diagnosis was confirmed at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN on Fri., Aug. 31st as incurable terminal Stage 4 Soft Tissue Sarcoma - Synovial that began in his left calf and has spread to his lung and bone .  We were told by the doctors at the Mayo Clinic that this soft tissue sarcoma is rare in itself and that there are 50 different types of soft tissue sarcoma, Canyon's being Synovial and that there is a 1% chance of a person being diagnosed with this sarcoma. 

As we mentioned, this all began on Aug. 23rd but looking back, the pieces of the puzzle come together.  Even though this is a rare form of cancer it is commonly undetected in young male athletes.  Canyon noticed a small bump on his left calf during the spring of his freshmen year at BVU but thought little of it and there was no pain. In the fall of his sophomore basketball season the bump on his calf reappeared and gave him some discomfort that any athlete would play through. The athletic trainers at his school worked with him to treat what was thought to be a run of the mill sports injury and the area in his calf decreased with physical therapy. Canyon continued to play and finish his season not really thinking much of it because it was improving with the physical therapy. Jump to this past June as he and his teammates played summer basketball, the bump resurfaced with some pain/discomfort and again thinking it was due to basketball he sought physical therapy here locally and again the area on his leg went down. He did experience some minor chest pain but attributed it to rough defensive basketball underneath the basket.  In addition, in the most recent weeks in August he began to experience some back discomfort while trying to sleep. 

Jump to Aug. 23rd, we noticed that the lump on his leg had returned significantly and what  seemed to be out of the blue with no basketball happening.  His mom asked him to please let her make an appointment with the family Doctor to "just get it checked out before heading back to BVU for the fall" , which is where this journey all began. Canyon had a normal 11 am doctor's visit scheduled for Aug. 23rd and Dr. Matthew Herrmann was concerned with the size of the lump, along with the mention of Canyon's minor chest and back discomfort. He then jumped into action and ordered X-rays and blood tests then made additional appointments for yet that day of a CT scan and MRI. By the end of the day Canyon and his parents were back in the same 11 am doctors office receiving the life changing shock of their lives news.