Honor Cannon

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42 Tribute Donations

“May CKc Foundation Rid the World of pediatric cancer! Thank You for Doubling My Donation!”

— Carol & Mark 'Snip' Minnich

— Anonymous

“In honor of Cannon's parent, Mike and Melissa and their committment to making a change in reserching pediatric cancer.”

— Bruce and Clare Parker

— Anonymous

“This is in honor of Cannon Wiggins and his parents for the collective courage they demonstate in his fight to get healthy”

— Bruce and Clare Parker

“In honor of Cannon Wiggins.”

— Cannon Wiggins

“In honor of Cannon Wiggins.”

— Dana & William

“In honor of Cannon Wiggins”

— Kennedy & Sara Simpson

“Your family's strength is unreal! I hope with every day that passes it is only a day closer to no more pain and a full recovery for Cannon. Melissa and Michael you are two amazingly strong people! ”

— Jen W.H.

“Collected from College Park kids for selling back their Halloween candy to honor Cannon!”

— College Park Orthodontics