kim vaars|Apr 9, 2020
I am so over joyed reading this tonight. Crystal, you just have a way with words and taking anything negative and making it into a positive. Your definitely your mothers daughter.! And Candy I am not surprised but so thankful to hear how well your doing. This has been one HELL of a year for all of you! But Mama McGarry- your the leader of the pack!! You show such courage and bravery and you just never back down. Giving up is obviously not an option and it shows!! I love you all and when I'm feeling down or want to have a pity party for myself. I often think of you and what you've all endured this past year. I really have no excuses but to suck it up and push through!! Right now the whole world is turned upside down and inside out. But in looking for the good to come out of this pandemic. I think it would be its definitely bringing the whole human race together on a level we've never experienced. Families are actually having to spend time at home with their families. That being said, that's one thing you guys have always been good at. Family has always been most important to you all. Including your siblings etc. Ive always envied that about you all. Well now I'm rambling and getting sappy so I will end it here lol But again, I'm so happy to hear your on the upscale of this Candy!! You inspire me to keep on keeping on!! Air Hugs to you all!! When we are ever able to socially see people again, I'd love to get together again! God Bless you all! I'm praying you through !!
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Shannon Gustafson|Apr 7, 2020
God is sooo good 🙏❤️
The strength of you both Crystal is amazing.
I love you both so much, and continue to pray and send lots of love ❤️
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Kelli Kane|Apr 7, 2020
This is amazing news Candi you are wonder woman, she truly is a fighter I will keep praying and sending strength your way. Love you all ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏😘
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