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Journal entry by Ethan Vobr

Another weekend in the books. As I type this, we are driving back from Deadwood. Bentley had his AAU State Wrestling in Rapid and we had a group of friends make the drive out to celebrate my 30th. Bentley went 1-2 on Saturday and had an early exit with no place out of the 16 kids in his weight class, but it was his first of many state appearances.

The only major update that we really have is that we had, what will likely be, the final talk with DCI (Department of Criminal Investigation) and Tripp County States Attorney’s office. We met with them Thursday afternoon and discussed final medical and criminal investigation reports.

We have not touched on any criminal or legal questions on here nor with anyone outside of extremely limited family members. This will likely be the only time we will.

As most of you would, we have just wanted answers. Why? How? Unfortunately, we were not given any. The doctors ruled in their reports, cause of death: undetermined. Death was obviously attributed to death caused by lack of oxygen reaching the brain (there is a fancy medical term I can't type), but unknown why or how it happened.

There have been rumors floating around, and this is the primary reason of why we are shooting this update out. It was NOT SIDS. Whether this is because people are uneducated on the situation or not educated of what SIDS is or out to spread false rumors for other reasons, this is untrue. Cameron’s death was from becoming oxygen deprived, not just an unexplained death of a healthy child.

What we were told about his final hours, he was given a bottle, his final bottle, at approximately 15:00 (3pm) and was laid down for a nap after. He was found at approximately 16:40 (4:40pm) unresponsive. During the investigation, it was found that he was sleeping in a recalled rock N play sleeper, recalled in 2019 due to the way the mattress is sloped, deemed dangerous for sleeping kids. This update is not to speculate or pass blame, as always, this is to pass on the blunt, honest truth to you all that are invested in Cameron’s story.

There was no trauma inside nor outside of the body. All blood labs came back clean. We rest knowing that DCI, Winner PD, and all medical specialists and doctors did their jobs to the fullest in their investigations.

As well as anyone speculating on how we are spending our money, rest assured that every single penny that has been donated or given to us is sitting in a separate bank account. This money has not been touched for anything other then what we needed to pay for Cameron. None of it has been used for personal use. I have toyed with donating a small sample to the Chaos baseball team, only to which I would have hoped he would have grown up around and hopefully playing for some day, however that would be the only selfish thing we would have done with any of the money. We wanted to knock some of this rumors and speculations right out of the park right now. With all the support that small towns and communities bring, unfortunately there are things like this too.

We did visit Cameron’s grave today when we got home and place his Easter basket and some eggs around it. Picture below.

This weekend will be Darts for Cam in Winner. We want to thank all of you ahead of time that are going to be attending, participating, and that have helped make it happen for him. As well, we thank you all that have continued to read and support us and our family.

“In the end, its not the years in your life that counts. It’s the life in your years.”

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