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March 26, 2020-Surgery Done!

Heart Surgery UPDATE: Thank you for your prayers! All went well in heart surgery today!

He’s patched up and should go home tomorrow after a night in observation to be sure he’s set to go. He had minimal blood loss—less than a unit, despite the surgery going a bit slower than expected! His surgeon discovered that Caleb had some pretty tough scar tissue from his old intravenous port spot near his clavicle (used for dialysis in October), and since he had to slide the placement catheter through there on its way to the heart, it took some time getting through. We’re all relieved they took their time & got it right!

Caleb now has a shiny new nitinol alloy stent holding open the spot near the tear, supporting the pseudo aneurysm (a fail-safe in case it ever bursts; this is to prevent him bleeding out). He’ll have a shiny new scar by his clavicle as his only visible memento from this surgery!

Shannon said his team is allowing her to stay the night to reduce her coming & going during the pandemic. Caleb has awakened drowsy but calm, but will be dozing & sleeping & recovering most of this evening. Pending how his recovery continues, he should be able to walk out of there tomorrow! Keep praying for his recovery and protection from COVID-19!

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