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March 26, 2020- One more surgery: Aortal Tear Repair

Sorry for the long gap between updates! Physically, Caleb is doing very well! If you haven’t seen him in a long while and aren’t on Facebook, you’ll be happy to hear that he:

-Is now walking, without using a cane, for longer and longer distances, and many days not needing it at all! He has a bit of a loping gait, and sometimes gets swelling in that right ankle, but otherwise gets out and about well!

- He’s been tackling some work projects, and writing and making presentations!

-He still struggles with some memory issues and needs to write things down, set reminders, etc. This has been a frustrating adjustment in work and even just social relationships. He’s hoping to see a neurologist in the summer to see what therapies he can try to rebuild & rewire some neural pathways to help. He didn’t have any brain “trauma” that docs could see in his accident, but loss of blood (anoxia) can cause it’s own issues. Over time, most patients see some improvement in symptoms as the brain adapts, so his brain just needs time to learn new work-arounds.

TODAY, he faces what we hope is his last reparative surgery to fix the tear in his aortal wall. He’s having this done by catheter-guides imaging to avoid open heart surgery. Please pray it goes well, and that he is not exposed to the Coronavirus while he stays in the hospital! His immune system is not what it was (especially with no spleen providing support), and his lungs have been through a lot this past year!

We’ll update again soon! Meantime, some pictures of how he’s doing!

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