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Day 70: Another Surgery

Caleb had his outpatient Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy evaluations yesterday at Norman Regional Physical Performance Center. The therapists were really happy with how well Caleb was doing. They recommended 2 days a week, 45 minute sessions for each therapy per day. These also showed us some at-home exercises that Caleb can do on his days off. 

Yesterday was our first time to leave the house since our arrival 8 days earlier. Let's just say it is quite a bit more work to get out of the house these days! We have an efficient routine now for getting in and out of the car. However,  traveling around town with a wheelchair and searching for the accommodations you need to get in and out of buildings and parking lots really opens your eyes to the lack of such accommodations.

Anywho- Caleb had 3 follow up doctor's appointments today with Dr. Kelly and Lansinger (orthopedic surgeons) and Dr. Harvey (bowel obstruction surgeon). Easy part first: abdominal staples were removed and Caleb was advised not to lift more than 10 lbs for the next 6 weeks. That's the last visit with Dr. Harvey :) Caleb's left arm/wrist is healing nicely,  just slowly,  and he can now use it freely as he wishes (within reason) per Dr. Lansinger.

Now for the more complicated part: Caleb complained of right wrist pain, so Dr. Lansinger looked at his original x-rays from 10/4 in which she discovered a scaphoid bone fracture. She expressed concern because this is a bone that doesn't heal well on it's own. Extra x-rays were taken,  and then Dr. Lansinger recommended a CT scan to observe the 3D bone. It may need surgery once Caleb is stronger and healthier. We'll know more information after the CT scan. 

Our appointment with Dr. Kelly went well.  He said Caleb could go without his leg brace now,  but he still cannot bear weight for 4 more weeks. The only problem is the skin at the middle of the kneecap that was busted open during the accident. The skin isn't growing together and about a dime size area of the bone is fully exposed on the surface.  Caleb will undergo a fairly quick surgery to cut the healed skin away from the bone, stretch it, pull it together and stitch it closed with high hopes it will close up nicely.  The surgery is scheduled for 8:15am tomorrow.  We have to be at the surgery center at 6 am (😫). 

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