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December 7, 2019- A Happy Homecoming

Sincere apologies for neglecting our Caring Bridge readers! Since the last post, so much has happened so quickly that Facebook updates have been our best touch-base solution until now!

Long story short: Caleb got released to go home on 12/3!!! Yes—HOME! After being hospitalized since his accident on 10/3!

This is an enormous gift—especially considering that, after his latest abdominal surgery (on 11/27), his struggle with pain and his need for rest has been so intense. His days-long gut pain finally got some relief on Thanksgiving Day after some fast-talking with the head charge nurse to make some big medication swaps to find relief. After that, Caleb improved fairly rapidly, regained his ability to eat, and was assessed for home release. Shannon persuasively demonstrated her ability to continue his recovery care (meds, etc) while safely modifying his home environment so that he can navigate, first in a wheelchair, then in crutches (currently for short spurts). He is not allowed to bear any weight on his right leg still for several more weeks. He will continue outpatient physical rehab until his surgery in February to stent-patch the tear in his aorta. He’ll also still have multiple doctor appointments and checkups in the coming weeks. But HE is HOME!

The homecoming itself was quiet at first—with wife, lap cats, stepson and close family coming around him like a warm blanket.  

But today was very boisterous and fun, as many of his wider circle of friends came by during a potluck “open house” to welcome him home. Caleb has been SO delighted to be sprung from the hospital at last! In his own words, “I’m so happy to be home with my amazing wife. It felt so good to be free with friends doing whatever we wanted!”

Please continue to pray for Caleb’s strength to keep rebuilding, for no more setbacks (especially for no return of those abdominal adhesions that caused so much pain!), for freedom from wound/bone healing pain, and for protection from seasonal illnesses. Pray also for rest for Shannon, who has been his health advocate for so long, and who is now his unofficial home-nurse that is coordinating his roadmap to recovery from the ranch.

We wait in this season of Advent leading to Christmas to see yet more gifts and miracles to come from our God who has been SO generous— with open hands.

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