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Day 55: 3rd Abdominal Surgery

11/27/2019, 07:40: Caleb is scheduled for an exploratory laparotomy of his abdomen at 8:30 a.m. today (in less than an hour). We are waiting in the pre-OP room, and he is in immense pain, requiring even one last morphine dose before heading back to the operating room. Please pray for all those involved in Caleb's care today. I get so nervous when he goes into surgery :/

Thanksgiving day is tomorrow, which will also mark 8 weeks since Caleb's accident. I beg you, please be thankful to have your family at home with you and able to enjoy the festivities and food. Revel in it. 

I will keep updating this CaringBridge post with time stamps as things develop throughout the surgery and today.

11/27/2019, 10:30: Caleb is out of surgery and in the recovery room doing well. He had adhesions covering the entire outside of his small intestine, and one part of the adhesions caused a twist and a kink in the bowel leading to the blockage. The surgeon, Dr. Shani Harvery, was able to run the entire bowel and cut all the adhesions. In a couple spots, the clipping caused some small tears, so Dr. Harvey sutured the small tears to prevent any perforations later on. Adhesion formation occurs after abdominal surgery (accounting for 90% of all adhesion cases), and the only way to resolve them is to have another abdominal surgery. You can start to draw conclusions about this awful cycle. Dr. Harvey said based on the severity of Caleb's adhesions, he is likely to develop them again. There is not preventative treatment for adhesion formation. However, Dr. Harvey added a HA-CMC slurry to "try" to prevent future adhesion formation, but this is not a guarantee. We are still waiting on a post-op room assignment for Caleb. 

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