Journal entry by Shannon Fulton

Trach gone! Tube feeding completely stopped! Taking all medications orally! Eating and drinking anything!

Caleb has successfully progressed to Inpatient rehab status! We don’t have to go to LTAC (long term acute care)! The screener for Integris Jim Thorpe Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital is visiting Caleb and I today to do a final assessment. Once Caleb is accepted by Jim Thorpe, an authorization for services will be submitted to Cigna. Once Cigna approves the services, Caleb will be securely transferred from OU Medical Center to Integris Jim Thorpe Rehab Hospital. The doctors are hopeful that will be this weekend! :0 Caleb has been cleared to use crutches! He just needs to build up his strength again during his stay at Jim Thorpe.

Caleb and I had a surprise visit this morning from the EMTs that stabilized Caleb at the scene of the accident and transported him to OU Medical Center. What an incredible group of individuals that helped save Caleb’s life! HUGE thank you to Travis, Megan, and Jacob! They were very happy to see Caleb doing so well. They spoke to us about the “golden hour” of a trauma and how integral it is to saving a trauma victim's life. Their visit helped fill in a few puzzle pieces about the timing of the accident on October 3rd. The first 911 call was made at 8:19 a.m., and Norman PD was the first to arrive on scene. As soon as the EMSSTAT Norman Regional Hospital team got the dispatch, an extra medic jumped in the ambulance and arrived at the scene in 4 minutes. It took them 12 minutes to intubate and stabilize Caleb, and 20 minutes to get from the scene to OU Medical Center- talk about efficient! Thank you, God! We look forward to visiting with them in the future.

We also received a phone call today from the Norman PD Sergeant who completed the collision report. He was very excited to hear Caleb’s voice. Of course, he wanted to know what Caleb could remember around the accident. Caleb said he “vaguely” remembers leaving the house for work that morning, and then he said he remembers waking up in a hospital with Shannon talking to him.  We will have an official collision report tomorrow. Caleb was wearing his helmet, a leather jacket, work clothes, and black boots and was on his way to work, like normal, riding his motorcycle. The sergeant told me that the truck was a semi-truck pulling a gooseneck flatbed trailer that was empty. This really helps fill in a few more puzzle pieces in my mind. Caleb had the right-of-way on the way to work that morning, and this very large truck pulled out in front of him. Caleb collided with the first half of the trailer on his front and then right side. The motorcycle was completely totaled and is completely out of our lives at this point! Whew!

I’m so happy to still have my Husbunny Dr.agon. Kiss and hug your loved ones a little extra, and always say “I love you” before you part. You never know what can happen!

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