Teresa Jenkins|Nov 12, 2019
Praising God for all he has done for Caleb! Continued healing and clarity. Strength and continued progress!!
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Anna Love|Nov 11, 2019
My prayers continue for Caleb and his family. Do you still need blood donations in his name to offset the cost of his transfusions?
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Melany Dickens|Nov 11, 2019
I get all choked up every time I read these 'nothing less than a miracle' posts!! Prayers and believing in those prayers, and Caleb's true grit to live have brought him to an amazing place in healing!! Caleb has to be mentally strong (beyond our understanding) to have fought to live and to have endured insurmountable pain to be where he is today. I am so thankful for Caleb and for his family and will continue to pray for healing that allows him to accomplish his life goals!
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