Thoughts & Well Wishes

Ellie Langley | Oct 31, 2019
Sending best wishes to Dr. Fulton, to Shannon, and Dr. Fulton's mother and sister! He has such a huge heart and we hope he has a quick recovery! Here are some photos from when Dr. Fulton was leading the soldering workshop back in September
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Rachel Price | Oct 16, 2019
Although we have never met, please know that Caleb is in our constant prayers. I am Caleb‘s Aunt Rachel and Mark’s sister.  Our entire church group in Virginia is praying for him, as well as a special prayer group at the school where I teach. Thank you for the updates as it gives us a greater chance to pray with clarity. Please know that we’re praying for you as well.  Rachel Price
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Amber West | Oct 15, 2019

We cannot stress enough that if anyone is looking for another way to help, they can donate blood at the Oklahoma Blood Institute.  Make sure to mention that you are there to donate under the patient account of Caleb Fulton and fill out a patient credit form.  A credit will be applied to his medical bills down the road.  We should all have the goal (together) of at least replacing the 87 units (that was 87 individual donations) that were needed to keep him alive on Thursday.  Click the link below and schedule an appointment.

Caleb Fulton
OU Medical Center

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Sherry Carter- PSO | Oct 9, 2019

I dont know Caleb as well as some but I can tell this is an amazing man who has blessed so many people in his life just by being himself. I feel blessed to have such a great human around me at work even if its brief moment's here and there.

I pray constantly for Caleb, his family and everyone involved.  And I just wanna say how much I appreciate that you are taking the time to update us all along the way. I will continue to pray for healing warrior's to be over Caleb helping him through all of this and for comfort for his family and everyone involved. Thanks again! 🙏🙏🙏🙏 

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