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Our father, friend, golf buddy, encourager, supporter and thoughtful lover of souls died Friday, December 7, at 8:40 AM.  His two daughters: Lori and Lisa, and his son-in-law, Paul were with him when he died in his home in Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia, 11 days shy of his 84th birthday.

Chris will be cremated and there are no plans for a memorial in keeping with his wishes.  His family will reunite to remember him and celebrate his life in the not too distant future, meanwhile we will keep him in our memories.

Chris had asked us to curtail updates about his health status, preferring to keep matters closer to home. Until the last day or so of his life, he was in good condition - playing cards, joking, doing his daily crossword puzzle, and sending gifts for Christmas. He was his generous, good-humored self until almost the very end. No matter that he knew his end was near, and no matter how much we had anticipated his loss, it is still a great sadness. 

Fortunately we have a lifetime of memories of a generous man who overcame many obstacles in his formative years. And like all of us, he dealt with grief of many kinds. His first wife, Nancy, our mother, died of lung cancer. His second wife, succumbed to crippling arthritis. We lost a brother to a drunk driver... in short he and we have faced the same kinds of grief common to the human condition.

We would like to remember our father and friend and therefore would love it if you'd contribute a story about Chris Christenson that reminds you of him.  Just click "Comments" below and write a note, story, or remembrance of Chris.

Thank you.


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