Journal entry by Steven Christenson

Dr. Brooke Wehausen, Chris' grand-daughter, daughter of Lisa and Tony Wehausen had planned a 2019 wedding with Phillip Swett. But the hospitalization of Chris about 2 months ago made it clear that Chris' medical status is shaky.  What did Brooke and Phil decide to do about it?

Brooke and Phil planned and executed a small, intimate wedding at Lisa and Tony's lake house on September 15, 2018, so that Chris (my Dad) could attend. Hurricane Florence kept the skies cloudy and wet, but spared the wedding from the worst of its wrath.

Chris had an excellent time, though it probably included a few too many champagne toasts  ;-) Fortunately he got plenty of dancing in with his daughters and grand daughter on September 15, 2018.

You can see a video that Steven put together here:

Facebook friends can see still more photos from the official photographer. The caterer, photographer, and camaraderie were exceptional. The wedding, no doubt, is one of the highlights of Chris' waning days. 

I did fail Dad when I partnered up with him to play our family game of Pinochle vs Lori and Paul, but it was a good match and we fought valiantly.

But, alas, all is not good. His latest test results have shown a decline in kidney function.

Chris is currently able to manage things for himself with hospice care and periodic household help. And fortunately he's still every bit his witty self.

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