Mary Ellen Gross|Aug 3, 2018
My thoughts and prayers with you and your family during this time. May God give you strength and peace.
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Gail McCord|Aug 2, 2018
Lori, it's so heart warming to see your family caring for your dad. He is obviously special to have produced such outstanding children. Regarding Carilion home health, I'm glad to hear your pleased with the Nursing. My mom has been using Physical Therapy and the people are delightful. We haven't needed nursing yet but it's comforting to know that good resources are available. For fun, the board game Rummikub is one of our favorites and mom is still the champion.
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Rosemary Traylor|Aug 2, 2018
Great news!
Have you tried “ No Salt”?
It taste like salt but is sodium free!
May help a little ???
We need to play marbles one night!
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