Journal entry by Steven Christenson

Chris was discharged from Roanoke Hospital today, July 31, 2018 after getting a "tune up" to optimize his health for the days and weeks ahead.

At age 83 Chris' body is not serving him very well anymore. Nonetheless he is every bit as sharp and engaging as he's always been. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) confines him to short trips, and you may hear his words trail off when he is working to get more air... but he's still every bit the conversationalist he's always been. It's not just COPD, that is troubling. He has also declined due to kidney insufficiency... the latest numbers on the kidney function have actually improved.  

The latest complication is that all these conditions have taken a toll on his heart efficiency and thus "CHF" - congestive heart failure. His love for us, his children and family has always been unchanging - so clearly THAT part of his heart isn't affected.

Steven - his oldest (and most modest 😃 son who lives in California) found a visit with Dad to be really delightful despite what are clearly the waning days, weeks and months of Dad's life. Lori, eldest daughter, and her husband Paul are currently living with Dad to help him out. They cancelled their planned cross country RV trip so they can continue to help him as they can. Lisa, the youngest daughter, has a house not far away and spends lots of time with pops, too.

Dad has outlived many of his friends (and both wives) and is resigned to and at peace about the inevitable ending he is facing.  When he's not napping, he's playing Pinochle, marbles, doing the crossword puzzle, or reading the paper. I'm sure he'd be grateful to hear any observations you have about him... funny / sentimental stories, encouragement, or just what Byron "Chris" Christenson has meant to you.

You can drop him a note here (See Comments and Thoughts and Well Wishes below), or email him, or give him a call (being mindful of the time!)

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