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Site created on December 24, 2018

Bill Thompson III, Editor/Publisher of Bird Watcher’s Digest, is a beloved figure in the birding world; a devoted father to Phoebe, 22, and Liam, 19; a writer of both words and songs; a gifted musician and endlessly creative thinker.  He lives large and goes hard. After suffering severe stomach pain since mid-October, Bill was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer on December 16, 2018. As of Christmas, he’s not a candidate for surgery; the cancer has spread in his lower abdomen; and he is set to start chemotherapy soon. The life force in this one is strong, and he’s young and otherwise healthy, so now we fight. Of course, we hope for remission; we hope for anything for this man we love so fiercely.

Wendy Clark, Bill’s beloved partner, is taking the brunt of informing herself and managing Bill’s day to day care. She will be posting updates here. Wendy and Bill live in a farmhouse 1/3 mile from Indigo Hill, where Julie continues to live. Setting up a homestead nearby was Bill’s way to keep his connection to his children and our land strong. 

To be honest, entering a diagnosis like this is like being sucked down a terrifying whirlpool. What we don’t yet know is everything. We do know that it’s going to be expensive. So for all the people who’ve written, “If there’s anything I can do to help, just let me know!” we have a GoFundMe link on Bill’s “Ways to Help” page.

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Newest Update

Journal entry by Bill Thompson

Post by Wendy Clark
April 9, 2019

March 3, 1962 - March 25, 2019

As you are all aware by now, our beloved Bill died fifteen days ago following a short battle with pancreatic cancer. As a final Caring Bridge entry, I'd like to share with you his final entry in his personal journal. Something tells me he intended for me to find this and share it with you! It sums up his beautiful, deep-yet-whimsical spirit perfectly, I think.

Our dear friend Shila Wilson often reminded Bill in his last months that our earthly bodies are just our "meat suit", and that the real person lives inside. That real person goes on living long after the meat suit has worn out from sickness or old age. Meat suits were not made to last forever, but our spirits - our real-life energy - was created to last for all eternity.

Thank you for following Bill's journey from this life to the next. 

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Here is Bill's final journal entry, "Meat Suit".
Written in his hand on March 13, 2019, just twelve days before he died.


Here I am in my meat suit
It fits me kind of loosely
The outer skin holds everything in
The blood, the bones, the juices.

You're living in a meat suit too
It's just like mine but different
You may have curves or longer arms
But your meat suit is magnificent!

On the day you're born your life energy
Slips into your body

On the day you die that energy leaves
But that's not the end of the party.

~Bill Thompson III, March 13, 2019
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