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July 30, 2021

I am happy to report that over the past week, Brynn has been acting more and more like herself everyday. She is crawling around, pulling up to her knees, playing and talking. It is such a relief to Brandon and Kim to have their spunky little girl back. Her hands are completely wrapped in bandages and these "oven mitts" are not slowing her down a bit.  She is finding ways to work around them, deal with it and still pick things up and do what she wants!

The word "home" was also used this week, giving Brandon and Kim a little hope that this hurdle will be over and they can look to the next steps.  Brynn still has a few things to accomplish before this can even be considered though.  She has not dug into eating anything orally, and they are struggling to find ways to get her to do so.  Right now she is drinking water, but not eating orally.  She is currently getting most of her nutrition through a feeding tube.  They have met with a dietician and therapist to work on accomplishing this.  It is in the works to balance things out to make sure she is getting the nutrition she needs, but also not feeding her so much through the tube that it discourages her from eating by herself.  Kim almost thinks it is one of those things that is just up to Brynn and we need to be patient with her and she will eat when she is ready.  Brynn did pick up Kim's Twinkie this morning and put it to her mouth.....so hopefully that is a sign that she is nearing being ready to eat by herself. Brandon and Kim are working on getting foods that Brynn can lift and put to her mouth with her "mitts" on, as she does not care to be spoon fed and likes to do it by herself.   In addition to eating, Brynn also needs to be completely weaned off of meds.  This is in the works and they continue to slowly wean her, hoping to not send her back into any withdraws.  At this point in time, Brynn looks to remain in the hospital for a minimum of another week, but the end of the hospital stay will really depend on how long it takes her to accomplish eating. 

Her leg, hands, and feet continue to heal, but still need a great amount of time.  They continue to put creams on her skin and wrap up her extremities to encourage new skin cell growth.  Kim said Brynn's hands have some beautiful new skin growth up to her knuckles.  The outlook right now is that Brynn will most likely at minimum be loosing some fingertips, a thumb and a finger.  I can't stress enough how uncertain all that is at this time though. This may not be all she will be moving forward without, and even that she will loose what they are predicting.  It is just still all unknown.  Only thing we know is that Brynn is a go getter and will figure out how to work around anything, just like she has with her giant mitts!   There are also some continued darker spots of skin in various places.  The plastic surgeon is predicting that they will be doing skin grafts at some point in the future.  There is a spot on her calf, and some places on her feet that will most likely need his attention and the grafts when that point in time comes.  

So all in all, Miss Brynn Charlie is doing great!  It looks like she will have a few obstacles to overcome, but they are minor in the great scheme of things, and her stubborn can do attitude is going to really help her out!

Kim and Brandon are also doing very well.  In the last few times I have spoken with them, they have been super positive and upbeat.  They are much less scared now and have a can do attitude for the future.  They plan to take whatever obstacle is thrown at them, work through it  and continue to move on through life, making it the best they can.  For those that didn't know, the Wisconsin State Guernsey Show was earlier this week.  Anybody that knows Kim and Brandon know just how much these cattle shows mean to them.  Valley Gem was happy to be represented at this show, and Kim sent Brandon down to help with it.   I overheard Brandon saying, "We wouldn't be here showing if it wasn't for all of our friends and family.  They helped get the animals ready at home and are helping here to help make this possible for us."   It really was quite wonderful to see everyone come together and make this happen for them.  In addition, as Kim put it, "yelling" at her through texts I convinced Kim to make the hour trip down to the show for one day to watch it.  Brynn's wonderful Gigi Gina stayed with Brynn and made it possible for Kim to leave the hospital for the first time in a month.  Although Kim said she felt so guilty for leaving, it was mentally great to get away for just that little bit and do something for herself. 

Thanks again for everyone's help, thoughts and prayers.  They mean so much to Kim, Brandon and Brynn.

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