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Journal entry by Trina Sidwell

Hey everyone!!! Sorry I haven’t made a more up to date post lately! Life has gotten away from us! 

So I’ll start with Bryce!! 
I'm extremely happy to show off the progress of Bryce and his helmet!!!
Jan 4th we started at 97.8% the diameter of his head. (Almost a perfect circle)
His goal was to get 88%
Yesterday he measured at 90.8%!!!!!
We also had our 2 month scan!! Results in pic! I will have to say the difference is huuuggeee!!!! I can’t believe  within 2 months his head has changed this much! Unbelievable!!!! 
We are hoping to be able to keep his helmet on for 4 more months! I want his head to be perfect! This all depends on if his growing stops or continues sooooo far he's growing!  So I say let's keep wearing it!!!  Prayers that this continues and his head keeps looking more beautiful!!!  
Bryce is one of the strongest little babies I've ever known!! He give me strength everyday to keep being the strong mommy he needs! 

He is starting to get 2 teeth on the bottom! The rolls around everywhere! He has also started learning to army crawl! He’s extremely happy and loves his siblings!! Gives amazing kisses and laughs and smiles all the time!  He loves to mess with everything!!!! Drives us nuts! Bryce is a busy little man! 

Cameron!! Cameron is soooo funny!! He loves to steal anything that Bryce has! Loves his mommy and daddy! He now has 5 teeth and more teeth are continuing to pop up! Give  the best kisses. Such a loving baby! Laughs and smiles soo much! Cameron is a master at the army crawl. He seriously can get anywhere his little heart desires. He’s into everything!! Double trouble! No but seriously these twins are sooo easy... right now I guess.. I’m sure once they start walking they will get harder. But I’m soooo   Incredibly blessed!

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