Honor Bruce

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Gifted by Greg Estandia

“Bruce Snyder was a great coach & personal mentor.”

Gifted by Dawn Hunsaker

“Bruce's memory will be manifest in the lives of his family, players and friends , Magnificent !”

Gifted by Lou Anne & Wayne Mackley

“In Memory of Bruce Snyder”
Mr. Dean West

Gifted by Mr. Dean West

“We will continue lifting you up in prayer.”

Gifted by Mr. Stu McKee

“In honor of Bruce Snyder, One of the BEST.”

Gifted by John G. Laub

“Best wishes to you, Linda, and the girls.”

Gifted by Linda Snyder

“My loving family and many close friends: The support I have received is unbelievable. Thank you all so much.”

Gifted by Ms. Phyllis J. Snyder

“In honor of Bruce Snyder”

Gifted by Todd E. Steussie

“From your players at Cal, we're better Men from u!”

Gifted by Debi Fox

“In honor of my Uncle Bruce Snyder. He's the best!”