Honor Bruce

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“Bruce Snyder was a great coach & personal mentor.”

— Greg Estandia

“Bruce's memory will be manifest in the lives of his family, players and friends , Magnificent !”

— Dawn Hunsaker

“In Memory of Bruce Snyder”

— Lou Anne & Wayne Mackley

“We will continue lifting you up in prayer.”

— Mr. Dean West

“In honor of Bruce Snyder, One of the BEST.”

— Mr. Stu McKee

“Best wishes to you, Linda, and the girls.”

— John G. Laub

“My loving family and many close friends: The support I have received is unbelievable. Thank you all so much.”

— Linda Snyder

“In honor of Bruce Snyder”

— Ms. Phyllis J. Snyder

“From your players at Cal, we're better Men from u!”

— Todd E. Steussie

“In honor of my Uncle Bruce Snyder. He's the best!”

— Debi Fox