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Site created on January 24, 2019

This coming Thursday morning, Jan 24th, Bruce will go under surgery for removing a portion of a brain tumor that was found and diagnosed Jan 17th - Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM)***.  While this is shocking news to our family we are thankful we know about it via unrelated symptoms that got Bruce in for an MRI which revealed the mass.

We covet your prayers for the surgery, our family, and then life now with this type of cancer.

*** Edit 1/24 6:55 PM - Possibly it is NOT GBM - pathology has yet to confirm (1 week from today).

Newest Update

Journal entry by Lisa Drackley

We apologize since it has been awhile since we last updated.  The reason we've put off posting anything was to wait to hear on the final diagnosis and treatment plan. 
Just last week, we've heard back from the dr and Bruce is in stage 3 with Astrocytoma.  If weather corporate, he will begin radiation tomorrow (3/5) for five days a week for six weeks.  Afterward, chemo in a pill form, every night for two months.
Please keep him in prayer as he travels to Marshall back and forth every day especially when dealing with this crazy winter.
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