Journal entry by Deborah Fugit

Dear Friends:

Brooky is nearing the finish line but it isn't and hasn't been easy.  Symptoms continue to get worse.  I know all of us have "busy" lives but it would mean so much if you signed up for meals.  We had no one sign up in October and I'm going to add a few more weeks in November.  This can be something you can have delivered and don't even have to drop it off yourself.

Please continue to pray for eradication of the cancer and for healing and comfort and strength.

Blessings and Love,

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Journal entry by Deborah Fugit

Dear friends of Brooky,

Brooky continues to get weaker from the treatments as well as having side effects that are increasing.  She is the most amazing gal - with the sweetest spirit and heart.   She continues to amaze me with her positive keep going attitude.   This week she wanted to get out to grab dinner for her family and ended up being in a car accident.  She is very weak.   This means as difficult as it is for now, she probably doesn't need to be driving and so it would help if once a week we could get someone to take her around to run errands.  You pick the date and time with Brooky.
We still need meals for this month October so please sign up.

We pray Lord for your mercy and healing.


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Journal entry by Deborah Fugit

Dear Friends of Brooky:

Please continue to pray, pray, pray.  She has a chemo rash that is one of the side affects that some experience.    Painful, causes swelling and blisters, on her hands, feet, chest and in her mouth.  Tough!  As I spoke to her last night, she told me  I CAN DO THIS!   The Lord is here.

It doesn't make it any less painful and so after this round there are 6 more and just pray that she can tolerate as many rounds as she can and when she cannot then it will be sufficient to eradicate the cancer.
Christ  Has Elminated My Opponent 

Thanks to all of you who have signed up for dinner, are praying for Brooky, and sending her notes and texts of encouragement!   We need 3 more weeks in September filled for meals.  She loves Salads, wraps with either chicken or shrimp,  no beef.

Blessings and asking our Savior to have mercy and healing on Brooky.

Journal entry by Deborah Fugit

Dear Friends:

Brooky is looking forward to a week off of the chemo regimen.   She has experienced the beginning of side effects - nausea, sickness, being tired and now starting to lose her hair.  Please pray for God's comfort and the love of friends and family to surround her.

Please look at the ways to help section and sign up to deliver a meal in July. 

Praying for God's healing for Brooky!


Journal entry by Deborah Fugit

Brooky Sanders Tubb|17 hours ago
Dear Deborah, all of my friends and family,
All of you are so incredible to surround your love and support around me during such a difficult time of my life. I adore and love each and everyone of you. This is a journey I totally didn’t expect and I could not make it to the finish line without you. I will always appreciate all of the wonderful acts and gestures you have all provided for me. Thank you again and let’s get these 6 month’s behind us!
Love always,

Journal entry by Deborah Fugit

Dear Friends:

The first thing you notice about Brooky is a smile that lights up the room.  Her positive attitude about life is contagious.   Imagine her surprise when having a routine colonoscopy a few months ago, that she got the "uh oh" call from her doctor and was told something didn't look right.  Fast track to surgery at Baylor and a tumor and the removal of a foot of her colon.  24 hours after the surgery, Brooky was seen walking the halls with a leopard shawl and a smile.  Although she thought the surgery took care of everything she received a call a few weeks ago from the oncologist at Baylor who told her the last pathology report came back as stage 3 colon cancer.  She has a small cancer tumor residue located in a different location than the tumor location - which means it has spread.   The doctors have suggested a round of oral chemo that started this week.   Due to cardiac issues, infusion chemo wasn't an option and so this is a double daily dose and will last 6 months.

Please pray for healing, for the Lord to be the Great Physician and as Brooky said in a recent email "pray that I can beat this thing and that God protects me as I go through this scary journey".

I will be updating the caring bridge site as well as her family members.  I've set up a meal schedule going once a week for now and there are some food suggestions listed.   Please sign up.   I will in the near future post a day where we will have friends to run by and visit to see if there is anything she needs.  A text, card or any remembrance will be so appreciated. 

4 days in - she is already tired, nauseated and that will increase as more of the chemo gets into her bloodstream.

Please pray, pray, pray

With a faithful heart,

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