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December 14, 2020

I would love to thank everyone that have been so kind to me, and shown so much love for Brody.  The outpouring during his difficult journey lifted him up and gave him strength.  He fought up until his the end.  Please take from his example the kindness, strength, and love he projected, and pay it foward. 

Moving foward is going to be hard.  But he put this piece of work into action, and now it's time I complete it by honoring his wishes and becoming a better person. 

I love you Brody Singletery, you are my heart, and my soul,   But unlike before, I'm not broken.  This is because of you.  This is because you loved me with that passion that I've never seen before.  You spoke words to me of love and how I must change to make my life better.  Those steps were in motion.  Now it's time for me to pick up the racquet and get to the courts of life myself.  I was so lucky to have you chose me. I'm am so thankful that I was the one.  Just as you were the one.  

This journey we completed together.  I will see you again. 

Love My Mr. Duck


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  • Marilyn Sherman : So beautiful my brother and Team Brody will be getting you on the court soon. We are also grateful to Brody for giving us you.