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After midnight on Saturday, August 17th, Brody was in a single-car accident in Kansas, along with Jordan, his girlfriend, and Cole, his best friend and fellow bull rider. Known as Cowboy Brody, he was following his dream of being a bull rider out west and working with cattle. Brody sustained a traumatic brain injury, multiple skull fractures, a broken back (in two places) and a broken shoulder in the accident. He currently is in the fight of his life. Please join us in praying for a miracle.


Newest Update

Journal entry by Cole Ross

Brody got an EXCELLENT report from the eye doctor today. His vision has improved tremendously!! He no longer needs prism lenses, his patch, or the tape on his lenses. Both eyes are now in alignment and his vision is the same in both eyes (which is a big improvement in his right eye). He will only need glasses for distance (as he is a little near sighted). The doc states he can even wear the glasses as he feels necessary and he may not need them all the time. When the doctor was testing his vision he got so excited at the changes that he started dancing and waving his arms around!!! 

Brody had two conditions; one was Exophoria (where one or both of the eyes turn out)- this condition is 100% healed!! He also had Cyclophoria (rotation of the eyes that affects balance) and this is 85% cleared! The doc said his vestibular therapy has really helped. 

Brody’s vision has healed enough that he now is a candidate for vision therapy which will only help his eyes get stronger and better. The doctor says his vision will keep improving!!

I have to be honest....I was feeling anxious going into this visit and I had to pray my way through it. God is faithful and has blessed us once again. Thank you all for the prayers! Thank you for the support you show our family! God is good! #Brodystrong

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