Mary Dronen|Apr 21, 2021
Things are really lookin up! Prayers continue however.
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Erin O’Brien|Apr 20, 2021
I love to hear how determined Hammar continues to be Becky. The bed remote story is absolutely hilarious. I'm guessing it was a little less funny at the time..... when you were diving across the room to stop him from getting out of the bed. He continues to be creative with his ideas to get up/out and about. :) I'm sure it's sometimes hard to hear him asking and asking about going home. You are doing such a great job supporting his questions, and keeping him motivated Becky. I'm so glad the crew had such a beautiful day for the fishing tournament. The pics you took of the boys are darling! We all look forward to hearing how the next appointments go and I'm betting the feeding tube adjustments will have him eating more too. Keep on truckin! Hugs, Erin
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amy kromer|Apr 20, 2021
How awesome of his fishing cronies to put on an event, & wonderful that so many showed up to honor Hammar & your family(& not surprising, everyone is pulling for Brian to have a full recovery)! Just love his sense of humor & his will to scheme his way out of there...just shows his grit & determination! Praying for continued progress & healing this week, & for the appointments to go well!🙏 🤞🙏
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Judy Sellden|Apr 20, 2021
Keep up the good work Brian and Becky
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Erin (Asplund) Norgren|Apr 20, 2021
This post made me chuckle! Way to go Brian keep up the good hard work and in no time they will send you home( no scheming required)😉
Prayers for good news this week🙏🏻
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Ruth Tedrick|Apr 20, 2021
I’m still very impressed with his progress and love his sense of humor. So nice that your friends and family had that wonderful benefit. I’m sure the kids were so proud to be there in honor of their dad. Prayers continue for all n
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Judy Gettman|Apr 19, 2021
He has the determination to accomplish anything. He just doesn't understand the importance of healing first. You are doing a great job on reminding him of that. Continuing sending hugs and strength for you as you continue on this journey.
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Kenya Jahnke|Apr 19, 2021
Way to go Brian -what amazing progress! It might not be fast enough for him but wow - he’s doing awesome! Wahoo!
Continuing to send prayers and positive healthy vibes. 😊🙏🏻
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Jennifer Henke|Apr 19, 2021
Great progress! As a PT, I appreciate when someone has the will and drive to move. I think he is just going to start going!! 30 to 130 feet is amazing progress! Soon he will be doing laps around the unit! Can’t wait to hear what he is doing by Friday! Keep it up Hammar:) We were sad to have missed the benefit in honor of Hammar—so glad to hear about the big turnout!
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