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February 12, 2021 - service tomorrow

Good evening. Thank you to everyone who has walked with us these past months. We are having Brett’s celebration tomorrow.  The service will stream live at 11:30 Eastern. This is what I posted to Facebook. 

I’m am overwhelmed by the continued outpouring for our family. We will have a celebration of life service for Brett (Scotch Trooper) tomorrow, February 13th at 11:30am Eastern at Dogwood Church in Tyrone, Georgia. Family will receive friends at 10:30am. As a reminder for those attending in person, masks are required. 

The service will stream live and can be accessed here:  https://www.dogwood.church/celebrations/

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February 11, 2021 - he is home

Brett passed peacefully with me by his side. His family was also in the home nearby. 

We are thankful he is with Jesus and my daddy tonight. 

Funeral arrangements will come soon. 


February 09, 2021- close to the end

Good morning,

Brett’s body has been struggling to let him go Home since last Thursday. Each day is more agnony for him and those of us watching. We are asking at this time for everyone to pray that God calls him home today.  Please join us. 

Still walking. 


February 05, 2021 - what a week

We have had a long week. Hospice was the right decision. He was in violent pain and it took until this past Tuesday night (Feb 2nd) to get him the consistent relief he needed.  He has been declining each day over the past week. 

Brett’s mom and sisters have been with me since Sunday. My sister also has been here during the day and heroically took the night shift last night to offer us some relief. Brett is in need of medicine around the clock and closely monitored. (He keeps trying to get up but is too weak to stand.). 

Brett was in and out of his room Wednesday. He had enough energy to watch Green Acres with me and the girls one last time. 

Since Thursday he has not gotten out of bed and is in and out of lucidity. 

We keep walking forward as we are praying him Home to Jesus. 


January 27, 2021 - Time for Hospice

Good morning. Not an easy update but an update nonetheless and a time when we really need to be surrounded. 

We started Brett on hospice yesterday. Since coming home on Friday from a week in the hospital he has been in increasing pain. He no longer is eligible for chemo and he doesn’t want to die in the hospital. Because of this, we (I- so much pressure to make these decisions, but all family has agreed) made the decision to transition to hospice. We are also in the process of moving him to the main floor of our home.  We are unsure if he has weeks or months left at this point. (His palliative nurse in the hospital last week was the most direct truth speaking person we’ve had so far. She spoke my language and in a way I can understand. I am thankful for her support.)

If you think of us, please pray for his suffering not to drag out too long. That the girls and I will continue to be surrounded in love, family, and friends. And for wisdom on how to navigate this process as we keep walking forward. 


January 22, 2021 - he is home!

I was able to pick Brett up about 3 this afternoon. His numbers are all looking good. They did say the fever could have been a “cancer fever” and if that is the case, there may be more in the future. 

He is still on some antibiotics so also nauseous. He was able to meet with his palliative team and will follow up with them Tuesday. They will now be in charge of his pain meds, etc. 

Please pray the fever doesn’t come back and that he is able to control his pain and sleep. The ulcer is causing pain, too. Please pray it heals quickly. 


January 21, 2021- not home yet

Brett is not coming home today. They are still monitoring his labs. Some of his numbers are slow to respond. He needs to drink a bit more and get more fluids to get the medications out of his system. 

He has a lot of people watching him. They are trying to get him to the oncology floor, even if for one night. 

Ultimately, they want Brett in the best condition before he comes home so he doesn’t go back. 

He is doing well in spite of knowing he can’t come home. They (well, a few nurses aside) are taking good care of him.


January 20, 2021

Brett is already back from the procedure. 

The source of the bleeding was at the bile duct opening. They clipped the vessel and cauterized it. They will watch him overnight and check his hemoglobin in the morning. 

I just spoke to him on the phone. He is tired and is going to try to sleep.