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May 09-15

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My Dad is sure enjoying being at home! He has three wonderful home nurses...Susie, Parker, and Jace that are all helping him around the house with various things. On Thursday, he saw his surgeon for a follow up appointment. Dad was shocked to find out that the surgeon was born and raised in Dearborn, where our family is from and Dad worked for 25+ years for Dearborn Police. The surgeon told my Dad that back in June he was called in to do an emergency and risky surgery on a COVIID patient and quite frankly, did not think the patient would pull through and survive. God had bigger plans and my Dad was that patient and was able to be at that appointment and joke around with his surgeon. Medically, things are looking good for my Dad and they chatted about when he can have his reversal surgery to get rid of the ileostomy bag as well. 

Happy Friday to you all! 

With a thankful and grateful heart, 


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