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May 09-15

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Hey everyone!

Let me start off by saying, we made it! All four of us are officially residents of Washington, DC! 

But before we get into that, I need to rewind a bit...

The movers were at our house on March 23&24 packing everything up. While that was going on at home, Evelyn and I were in the hospital on the 24th for a second bone marrow biopsy and a CT scan of her chest/pelvis/abdomen.

Wednesday was an emotional rollercoaster. The movers completely packed out our house in two days(which was a miracle!) leaving us with nothing but our luggage and air mattresses.

Then at 2:12pm I was able to facetime Chris with the most amazing news!

I didn't want to share any of this until it was official, but the scan showed that there is no tumor to be seen in Evelyn's lymph node. The tumor under her diaphragm, wrapping around her spine and aorta, has decreased in size and is practically gone. The large mass in her abdomen has shrunk more than half of its original size and is pulling itself out of her liver. There is also no new lesions to report.
All of this is only after two rounds of chemotherapy, which she is definitely responding well to! WE ARE ECSTATIC to say the least!

From the very beginning our doctors were upfront and honest with us. We went into it not expecting much to come out of those first two rounds. It's pretty incredible. Even looking at the images from her scans you can clearly see the difference. Especially the mass in her abdomen. 

After all this great news we then had to turn around and say goodbye to our doctors and nurses. This part was harder on Chris and I, especially since these people were with us during the darkest moments of our lives. We could never repay them for everything they have done for us. (and if you are reading this, Thank you! I could make this part sappy but I won't. You all are amazing and what you do is extraordinary! Each of you have become a part of our family and you will always hold a special place in our heart.) 

Now on to the move...

The kids and I left Hawaii on the March 26th. Chris' 30th Birthday!! What a great gift! Putting your wife and kids on a plane and sending them 4,826 miles away.😉 He owes me.
I say he owes me, but in all honesty, he busted his butt getting our house ready for our move out inspection, shipped our car, and dealt with paperwork on top of more paperwork. 

The kids and I arrived on March 27th. I wish I could say we made it in one piece, but I'm pretty sure bits and pieces of my sanity are scattered across the country. Thankfully, I had my mom to help me out. Getting over here was not easy. Our plane got a flat tire somewhere across the pacific, which made us take a pit stop to LA, which then caused us to miss our connection in Chicago. Once we got to Chicago we ended up sitting in the airport for 10 hours until our next flight. It was okay though. Nubs got to sleep, Ev got glows sticks from Jawas(Star Wars), she got to see Storm Troopers, and the Easter Bunny! Then her brother gave her a lesson on how to roll through the airport on her luggage. All in all, it was a pretty easy layover. We finally landed in DC sometime after 10pm, got a car and a hotel for the night, finally had a real stromboli, and then called it a day!

We moved into our new house on Sunday. Nubs went to PA that afternoon with his Gammy & Gpa.
On Monday, Ev went into the hospital for her third cycle of chemotherapy.

This time we spent four days in the hospital for chemo. I went into this round pretty anxious since everything for this cycle was new. New chemo drugs, new side effects, new hospital, doctors, nurses...all the things--
all new to us. So far the doctors have been great and the side effects have been minimal. If anything she has had nausea. Her hearing seems to be fine so far (hearing loss is a common side effect that could happen now or later down the line. This is something we will be monitoring). She even gained a little weight this round, which for her is always a good thing, but man, she has the perfect pinching cheeks now! 

If you ordered a t-shirt to support Ev be on the lookout, it's coming!
I've posted pictures from the last couple weeks in the album on here.

Thank you all for the prayers, positive thoughts, and good vibes. Please keep them coming!!
Ev isn't out of the woods yet, but she is definitely on the right path!

Your love and support mean absolutely everything to us!

-The Carr O'hana



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