Patty Carr|Apr 5, 2021
I am praying so hard. Love you so much
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Lynn Shollenberger|Apr 5, 2021
Great news!
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Phyllis Gontz|Apr 5, 2021
I’m so excited for you all! Great news with Ev! Big move! And close to family! Prayers are being answered! We got our T-shirt’s and will wear them with pride and hope!
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Shelley Gerber|Apr 4, 2021
Awe this is such wonderful news!
Hailey. I literally got emotional when reading that Evy's tumors are shrinking and hopefully they keep going that direction. Wow just wow...all that you guys have been through. You all have been tossed by the waves of cancer, but did not sink! You ALL surely been surving through some difficult times, but lean on family when you need too. So very happy you guys got some good news. Sending continued prayers and love from Jeff and Shel
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