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Chemo Finito! Let the Radiation begin!

Chemo-Finito!  After 20 long weeks, all 16 rounds of my chemotherapy treatments are FINISHED!!!  It was a very surreal moment ringing the bell and walking away from the infusion floor on Sept 11th, knowing that part of my cancer journey had ended… Tuesdays had become the one constant and familiar part of my routine for so long… I had comfort in the fact that my blood was drawn every week and checked by my doctor to make sure everything looked like it was supposed to… and that I knew what to expect as I was called back for chemo and I would get settled into my recliner chair with a warm blanket and wait for my IV’s to start flowing.  I was surrounded by the faces of the people who were on the same Tuesday chemo schedule I was… Some I had become friends with and we would catch up on the past week, and some people I would see and we would just smile and wave at each other because even though we hadn’t spoken, we “knew” each other and were both a part of the cancer club and we didn’t need words to express that.  Now that I’m finished with chemo, it’s a little unsettling losing that familiar part of my routine!  As scared as I was on the first day of treatment, I didn’t think that I would come to almost miss it!  I remember walking in that first day with this huge bag packed full of all the things Pintrest said that I would need to bring to chemo!  It’s funny now, looking back, because I didn’t really use any of it!  I remember when I would see someone new walk in to the infusion floor with their big bag of stuff and the scared look on their face knowing it was their first day and it was a reminder to me of how far I’d come!  After the second or third treatment, the bag was left at home, and I knew what to expect and what snacks/drinks I was going to get from the kitchen area on the treatment floor, and I would know that shortly after my pre-meds would finish flowing, I would become super sleepy from all the Benadryl and would doze off and wouldn’t wake up until I heard the alarm from my IV monitor that the chemo bags were empty and my treatment was over, and it was time to go home and continue my nap for a few more hours.  Now, all that is over and I haven’t settled into a new routine yet, I’m back to an unknown/unfamiliar path for a bit…. But just like I did with chemo, I’ll get into the new groove with this in no time! 

Prior to starting radiation, I had a Radiation CT scan where they put some wires on me and sent me through the CT scan to get a picture of where they will be sending the radiation beams through.  After they had me positioned just right, I was given three little dot tattoos so that they can align the machine in exactly the same place each time I receive radiation.  I have one dot (about the size of a mark from a sharpie marker) on each of my sides, just a few inches below my armpit, and one dot in the center of my chest.  They basically look like small freckles, but black instead of brown.  Today (Oct 4th) I had my first radiation treatment!  I will have radiation every day (Mon-Fri) for 6 weeks.  It was pretty uneventful and quick!  I was on the table with the radiation space ship thing moving around me, buzzing and beeping…. There’s a screen in the corner of the room that I can see all these numbers and calculations and “beam” coordinates.  It’s like the traffic control center for my radiation!  For parts of the treatment I have to hold my breath for 15-20 seconds at a time.  They have a Velcro strap they put around your feet to keep you perfectly still on the table and my arms are above my head and my head fits in this little dent in the table.  The whole thing takes about 15 mins and then it’s over! At one point, I felt a little heat sensation and since I’ve been home there after been a few little “stings” here and there around the radiation area, but that’s about it.  They said that after about 2 weeks I’ll develop a “sunburn” around the area and that’s when I’ll have to be mindful of any swelling in my arm.  Your lymphatic system can be compromised during radiation and since I’ve had lymph nodes removed I will be more prone to developing lymphedema on that side.  

Now that I’m getting closer to the treatment finish line, I’m working with the Long-Term Disability people to get everything in order to return to work soon!  I’ll have to work around my radiation schedule, and they are suggesting to start with less hours and gradually work back up to full time to give my body a little time to get acclimated to being on the move all day!  I’m desperately trying to ween myself off of naps!  It’s been the norm every day as I’m still pretty tired and my energy level is NOT back to where it was before!  Once I get back to work I’ll have to settle with early bedtimes I guess! 

After I finish radiation, I’ll have an appointment with my Oncologist to go over the next steps in my journey.  I’ll have a full blood workup, a bone density scan, and a PET scan to peek in all my organs and make sure there isn’t any evidence of cancer sneaking around anywhere!  I’ll have to begin taking monthly injections that are hormone blockers and another medication that is for ovarian suppression… My tumor was “estrogen positive” so for the next 10 years I’ll have to take medication to keep estrogen from creating any tumors anywhere else in my body.  Every 6 months (for the next 5 years) I’ll have scans done to make sure everything looks cancer free, and I think I’ll have bloodwork done every month for a while… not sure on the time frame of that.  In the Spring of 2019, after my skin has had time to heal from radiation, I’ll have my next surgery to take the expanders out of my chest and get my implants finally!  I’m hoping that my skin will be extra cooperative and my surgeon has everything looking the way it’s supposed to inside so that the surgery will just take one try and no revisions will be necessary!  Fingers crossed!

Overall, the tough part of the journey is almost over!  The next part is what will become my new normal… Breast Cancer will always be a part of my life from now on… I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but I’ll forever be thankful of all the blessings and perspective that I have gained along the way!

As always, I’ll be KCA!

Monika 😉 


More than half way done with Chemo!

I am more than halfway through Taxol!  I’ve completed 7 out of the 12 Taxol infusions left in my chemo schedule!  Overall, I’ve been handling them well and haven’t had any nausea like I had with the first drug in my Chemo-rita treatments.  I do get tired easily and have to take breaks frequently which is completely annoying.  Vacuuming the house shouldn’t require a nap afterwards!

The extreme hot flashes area REALLY starting to make me crazy!  With the bagillion degree temperatures lately, it has been hard to regulate my body temperature.  One minute I’m fine and the next minute I feel like someone has thrown me into an oven… and then it passes and I’m freezing because I’m sweating to pieces in the air conditioning.  This happens at least hourly throughout the day so I’ve learned to deal with it, but it still annoying!  At least when the hot flashes happen while I’m at Walmart I can cruise over to the frozen food section and hang out in one of the coolers until it passes!  Some people look at me a little weird, and some women pass by with a reassuring head nod and a smile as if to say “been there, done that!”.  I have to take it easy if I’m outside for too long as I get overheated so quickly… The chemo is extremely dehydrating and I’m drinking an insane amount of water daily but being outdoors in the Texas summer can zap it all out of you so quickly!  I had a little “episode” a few weeks ago while out in the backyard and I was probably outside for a total of 15 minutes!  We were preparing the backyard to put up the above ground pool and I was helping hold the level in a few places to test the ground… I stood up and squatted down a few times measuring various places… and then felt dizzy and lightheaded… I asked Parker to hand me my water and started to sit down on the ground, and apparently I passed out and began to have a seizure!  As far as I knew, I just sat down for a minute!  But then I heard Chris on the phone with the paramedics giving them my vitals and then telling me not to get up!  I felt fine and couldn’t figure out what happened!  Once I got inside in the air conditioning my body felt much better and the very nice paramedics checked me out and my blood pressure and EKG and blood sugar were fine, so I didn’t have to take a ride with them!  My oncologist ordered a CT scan which checked out fine so there is no serious concern at the moment.  I am being referred to a Neurologist for a follow up to make sure everything looks like it’s supposed to in my head!  Everything seems to point to dehydration so I’m having extra fluids added to my chemo treatments going forward and continuing to waterboard myself daily! 

School starts on the 15th and I don’t think I’m ready for that!  I’ve never had a whole summer off and although it’s not the ideal circumstance to be off work, I am forever thankful for this time with my family!  You would have thought I’d have gotten more stuff organized with being off work this long, but NOPE!  The motivation has been there, but my body has said otherwise! I have TONS of great organization ideas pinned on various Pintrest boards though! 

As it stands right now, my last chemo treatment is scheduled for September 11th.  After that, I will get about a month break before I start radiation.  Radiation will be daily (Mon-Fri) for 6 weeks.  The side effects from radiation are said to be less harsh than the chemo, but can cause more fatigue. (like I’m not already tired enough?? Ugh!)  The main concern of radiation will be how my skin handles it, and the possibility of lymphedema.  I will have a handful of prescription creams to apply many times throughout the day to help with the radiation burns and I have a great radiation oncologist so I’m hoping to get through it all just fine! 

Food still doesn’t taste like it’s supposed to with the exception of CHOCOLATE!  You would think that was a good thing, and don’t get me wrong – it is! But along with the insane amount of steroids I’m pumped full of every week comes the “expected” 20 lbs or so of weight gain.  Top that with the fact that the only thing that will have the same familiar taste is super fattening, I feel like I’m gonna be rocking the Chris Farley “Fat Man in a little Coat” dance pretty soon if I’m not careful!  Thank goodness for yoga pants!

On a brighter note, I have little tiny baby hairs growing back on my head!  I thought that was weird since I’m still going through chemo, but since this round of treatment is less harsh on your body than the first one, it’s possible to have hair growth!  It’s been fun to see the little sproutlets of hair peeking out!  Right now they are all super light colored but who knows what color my hair will grow back!  Sometimes it can grow back a completely different color than before or even come back curly for a while!  Guess we will have to wait and see!  Since the summer has been so stinkin’ hot I’ve mostly wore a ballcap instead of the wig. It’s just easier to take off when the hot flashes hit! Ha!

Now that there is starting to be a light at the end of this treatment tunnel, the thought of figuring out what my new normal looks like is starting to freak me out a little bit!  It’s been so long since I’ve had a daily scheduled routine, I’m a little worried about getting back into the swing of things!  The only “scheduled” consistent part of my routine is the weekly chemo treatments, and in a crazy way, I’m really going to miss them when I’m done!  Maybe not the actual medicine part of it, but the familiarity of it, the people and faces that I get to see, and the jokes and conversation with the nurses and other patients. Some have been there much longer than I have and some are just beginning their journey but once we are all sitting in our comfy little recliners with our warm blankets on the infusion floor we are all one big tribe.  It’s definitely a club that none of us ever wanted to join, but a club that this previous group of strangers will be a part of forever.  Crazy, huh??  Just recently I had one of the karate moms approach me with some questions about my mastectomy.  A friend of hers had been recently diagnosed with breast cancer and would have having surgery soon.  That was the first time during this journey of mine that I realized that it is now my job to pass on what I have learned and gone through and find a way to help others that don’t even know they need help yet.  Not sure exactly where and how I’m supposed to lend my help, but I know I want to!  I might not be the best motivational speaker, but I know how to tell it like it is!  There are some things I wish people had been a little more brutally honest about, but I have NO problem with that!  I can be the Queen of Over-sharing about my journey any day!  Hahahaha!

It’s funny to think that at the beginning of all this, I was so nervous about all of it!  Nervous to have surgery, of the tests, results of the tests, starting chemo, how chemo would make me feel, losing my hair, being sick, and how to adjust to everything in my life changing so quickly… But now all those things I was afraid of have become familiar and “normal”… and the part that makes me nervous is how to transition back to all the things that were previously familiar before cancer!  Like I’m going to have to wake up EARLY and wear non-yoga pants and go back work and remember stuff with this foggy chemo brain of mine! I read about this thing they refer to as chemo brain in the books and reading material I was given… but holy bat crap, it’s no joke!  I seriously feel like I’m recovering from a brain injury instead of going through chemo!  Certain words have been zapped from my head and no matter how hard I try, the right words don’t always come out!  Sometimes I speak in half-sentences, only because I don’t remember what the rest of the words were!  It’s much worse than pregnancy-brain which I was still using as an excuse for a long time!  It’s like I have a constant squirrel distracting me 24 hours a day!  Maybe it will help that everyone already thought I was crazy before all this, so it won’t be too obvious??  Only time will tell!!

Next up on the treatment schedule is chemo #8 (of 12) on Tuesday the 14th… and I should know by then when my appointment is with the Neurologist. Until then, I’ll be here KCA!



On to the next round!

Tomorrow is my first treatment of Taxol.  I will have 12 Taxol treatments to complete my chemotherapy treatment schedule!  I am nervous to start a new medication that I don’t know how the side effects will go, I don’t know how I will feel, or what to expect!  With the first medication (AC) I knew what to expect on day 1 and 2 and 3 after each treatment and it was easier to mentally prepare for each appointment.  I also had 2 weeks in between each treatment to recover, and with this new drug I will have weekly treatments, so less recovery time in between.  Some of the things I’ve been reading indicate that you can have an allergic reaction to the med that can cause itching/swelling/hives immediately after they start the IV!  No Bueno!  Another side effect that Taxol can have is neuropathy in your hands and feet.  If the numbness and tingling becomes too painful they can lower the dose or extend the time between doses.  One of the other side effects that is concerning that I want to research a bit more is that your fingernails and toenails can turn black and possibly fall off!  Agh!  I’m sure there is tons of info on the internet on how to manage this and I’ll get to that if the time comes!

With the new med I won’t be receiving the Neulasta shots after each treatment, so there is the risk of my RBC and WBC counts dropping and the need to put off treatment until my counts are back up.  Of course, I want to stay aggressive with my treatment and continue on with the weekly treatments so I can hurry up and be done!  But I know we will have to wait and see how my body handles the new med and see how I feel. 

I’m very happy to be progressing along in my treatment plan and really happy that I’ve had more good days than bad.  The last round of the AC treatment was by far the hardest of the 4 treatments.  I had a slight fever, eyes were burning, I was hot/cold, and had body aches and pains… Kind of like flu symptoms with nausea and headache and bone pain.  Thankfully it only lasted 2 days and I slowly felt like myself again…. Or at least my “having a good day during chemo treatment” self!

One of the annoying side effects so far is that food doesn’t taste right!  I don’t really crave anything specific because food no longer matches what it’s supposed to taste like.  Even when I’m not feeling nausea, I think my brain is convinced that what I’m eating WILL make me feel nauseous so it doesn’t taste as great…. Make sense?  Sounds crazy!  The one thing I’m REALLY surprised that doesn’t taste as great is COFFEE!!!  Coffee was the one thing I could drink day or night and it always was yummy!  And some mornings I drink hot tea!!!  WHAT?? I know, I never thought I’d be a hot tea drinker….  I’ve never understood people that didn’t NEED coffee in the mornings… I always thought something was wrong with those people…..  😊

So today I’m trying to get as much done around the house so that I’ll be able to just relax and rest for the next couple days after treatment tomorrow.  I’ve been really productive with trying to purge the house of crap!  How does so much stuff accumulate in ONE house!?  And the kids seem to feel so much emotional attachment to the weirdest little toys!  As much as I HATE HATE HATE garage sales, I’ve begrudgingly agreed to have one!  Ugh!  What am I thinking!???  Since I’ve been off on my fun little medical journey, on my good days I’ve been able to get quite a bit of stuff organized and cleaned out and probably taken 2-3 car loads of stuff to Goodwill….  But there is still so much more stuff!  So instead of taking another few carloads off to donate, I’ll see what complete strangers think of it while they browse around our driveway this coming weekend!  The kids are REALLY wanting to put a pool up in the backyard to enjoy for the rest of the summer, and with as hot as its been, I’m not opposed to it!  So hoping to make some extra cash and buy a small above ground pool to turn our backyard into a little summertime oasis to relax in and enjoy quality family time!  We haven’t done a ton of stuff this summer and I do feel bad that I want to be out doing more stuff with the kiddos on the days I feel good, but it’s been so stinkin’ hot!!!  I know I’ll probably complain after having to maintain it and keep it clean and keep the water from turning green, but I think the good will outweigh the bad when we are floating around in cool water and relaxing!  We shall see!!! 

Wish me luck on tomorrow’s new chemo treatment and that I get through it without any allergic reactions and minimal side effects and that my blood counts stay UP!!!!



Chemo-rita Treatments

Two Chemo-Rita treatments down, 18 to go!  I’ve decided to refer to them as Chemo-rita treatments because the side effects from the treatments feel like a really bad hangover!  Or at least for me, so far, that’s what the few days after my first chemo treatment felt like… Bad headache, really queasy tummy, and super dehydrated feeling…. But thankfully, it only lasts a few days and then fades away and then for the most part I feel pretty good!

My second Chemo-rita treatment was May 15th and initially I had some crazy heartburn and some lower back pain from the Neulasta shot that they give me to help my blood counts come back up.  The following day was still pretty good, just feeling really tired but wasn’t sick. Day 3 and 4 (the Thur & Fri following the Tuesday infusion) are the hardest days.  It’s just the super queasy tummy, smells bother me, my head hurts and there is absolutely no energy.  There is no powering through it!  Just have to rest and sleep it off!  This last round was easier knowing what to expect and knowing that it was just temporary and that after the nausea and headache passed, I would feel like myself again! And sure enough, once I woke up on Saturday morning, I felt so much better! 

The big change this round was my hair finally decided to leave me!  It started slowly, feeling like I was just shedding more than normal… then it turned into handfuls…. Then it was impossible to brush it without brushing it off my head… And since I had so much hair, the process was taking forever!  Showering just felt like I was bathing in hair since it was just washing off all over me!  So for me, the only thing to help things along was to get out the clippers and take the rest off!  Chris and Parker helped me out and did a great job!  I thought I’d be more upset about this, but for some reason it just felt liberating!  I still have spots of hair about ¼ inch and the rest is smooth and shiny! It feels so much better!  I’m getting used to the wig and I’m trying to not shift it around and scratch at it when in public!  It’s just a little weird to get used to having something hugging your head pretty tight all day! 

So this is my “good” week and I have energy and feel really good!  I have to remind myself to be mindful about the fact that the meds are depleting my immune system and I need to be careful to not overdo it and end up sick.  I’ve been taking a lot of probiotics and vitamins and trying to drink tons of water.  Food doesn’t exactly taste the same right now, so it’s hard to force myself to eat when nothing sounds good!  So that’s been a little bit of a struggle right now!  Something I’ll need to keep working on! 

Next Chemo-rita treatment is on May 29th, and then June 12th, and then I’m done with the first chemo drug in my treatment…. Then I start a 12 week round of weekly infusions with the second drug in my treatment plan.  This one is supposed to be a little less harsh than the first round so I’m hopeful in how I’ll feel and when I’ll be able to get back to “normal”! 

Thank you again for all your thoughts and prayers and support during this crazy journey!!!!  I appreciate it more than you all know! 😊




5 days Post Op...

Well, it's been 5 days since my official "Boobvoyage" date and I'm doing really well!  Most of Tuesday the 27th is a blur.... We got to the hospital early, got all checked in and put on my super cute surgery outfit, and waited a bit for one of my surgeons to come in and draw all over me.  From my view, it looked like he had just played a game of tic-tac-toe on my chest, but for all surgical purposes, he gave the cancer surgeon the blue-prints of where to cut, and a line down the middle designating where the "middle" was since it probably would not be so easy to decipher once the "girls" were removed!  Right after he left the room, he poked his head back in and said "Hey, what did you decide about your nipples??"  And I was like, "Um, I don't know!  what do you think!!??"  I figured that once they got in there and were able to see what they were working with, they would know if they could leave them or take them off!  So I basically told him that if it worked out that they could stay, that would be great, but if he saw any reason there was any lingering cancer cells hanging out under them, then off they go!  So it was kind of crazy waking up after surgery and wondering if I would ever need to be concerned with cold weather and the type of shirt I was wearing again!  I was pleased to learn they are still attached!  At least for now!  Apparently they can still become angry after all the surgery and decide they would like to pursue other opportunities, so only time will tell!

Waking up from surgery felt like there was a family of elephants that had decided to all snuggle together on my chest!  My armpits felt like they were gigantic!  The pain was very tolerable and it was the pressure that was more uncomfortable than anything else.  The surgeon put tissue expanders in and filled them with a very minimal amount of fluid to begin with.  These expanders  will be filled gradually over the next three months or so to stretch things out back to a normal boob shape!  After I'm done stretching, then I will have another surgery to take the expanders out and put normal breast implants in.

Aside from the pressure from the tissue expanders, my next source of discomfort is from the 4 drain tubes coming out of me and the little grenade shaped bulbs the fluid is draining into! Barf! Yes, I knew that this was going to be the case, and I saw what they would look like ahead of time, but once they are on your body and you are now roommates  with these things for the next 7 - 10 days, it's another story!!  At the hospital they pin them on to your gown and you have to be mindful of them when you get up and try to move…. Once I was home, we pinned them to the inside of my jammies, until I remembered I still had the “Belly Band” from when I was pregnant with Parker!  It looks like a long tube top that you would wear when you weren’t ready for maternity clothes but you couldn’t button your regular pants…  So this thing has been a lifesaver!  Instead of pinning these crazy drains to my clothes, I can pin them on this band and just have it under my clothes and not have my clothes being pulled down from the weight of all my “roommates”! They make drain belts and all sorts of crazy accessories you can buy, but I’m only planning on needing this for the 7-10 day planned duration, this is going to work just fine!

So I stayed in the hospital Tuesday night (day of surgery) and was able to actually go home Wednesday afternoon!  Woohoo!  So crazy they can do such a big surgery and then send you on your way!  But truthfully, I was not, and have not been in much pain!  That alone baffles me!  Once we got home, I was awake for a few hours and then called it a night!  The next morning (Thursday) I was expecting to wake up hurting… kind of how when you work out, you are usually really sore the second day… but NOPE!  Taking the pain meds as scheduled and not trying to over do-it really does work!  Ha!  I really thought I would not have much mobility in my arms after reading through things online, but my arms are working just fine!  My biggest concern was not being able to handle “bathroom activities” without assistance and thank goodness that has not been an issue!  No help needed with that! 

Being able to get all showered and clean and my hair washed and dried was AMAZING!  I don’t have any bandages or dressings on my incisions so I was cleared to shower right away!  It looks like there is super glue on my incisions, and around where my drains come out there is some clear medical tape hopefully holding them in there really well! I will have to say, being able to fully peek at what I currently look like was quite a sight!  I knew this would be a huge (temporary) change, and that it would not be pretty!  I’m ok with it now, but that first look was emotionally painful!  I could best explain it as saying it appears that I am holding two baby Shar-Pei puppies on my chest!  We’ll just leave it at that!

Every day I’m feeling better, and this is just day 5, so I really think I’m doing pretty good!  This coming week I will have a follow up with the reconstructive plastic surgeon so he can inspect his handy-work with the expanders and he said he is planning on giving me another “fill-up” at this appointment also.  I have been told that these fills WILL be initially painful and the pressure on your chest wall is not pleasant, but I keep reminding myself that this is temporary!  Next week I have a follow up with the cancer surgeon and will get to go over all the pathology reports from the biopsies they did on everything they took out along with the lymph nodes they removed.  That’s when we will have a better idea of what is next.  From my pre-op appointments, they have explained that after surgery I will be referred to a Medical Oncologist who will review my pathology reports and determine if there were any affected lymph nodes and if there is any need for further treatment to make sure all the cancer cells have been properly evicted and taken all their belongings with them.  I will also have to visit a Radiation Oncologist to see if there is a need for any radiation therapy to again make sure that all the cancer cells are gone and stay gone!   

So, I think that about covers everything so far!  THANK YOU so much for all your prayers and support and kind words!  I have been so completely humbled and overwhelmed by so much support!!!!  

KCA, (Kicking Cancer’s Ass)

Monika 😉 





The Timeline...

I thought I would start with a quick timeline of the dates that kicked off this crazy new journey of mine... Seriously was less than one month from the "whoa, what is that... that wasn't there before" feeling, to the "Wow, I just checked in for surgery and I'm actually having my boobs removed today!" feeling!  So here is how it all started...

Sunday January 28th - After showering and putting on lotion, I felt a very distinct lump on the top of my left breast that I KNOW was not there before!  I had done some yardwork that day and thought maybe I was bit by a mosquito or something because I swell up like crazy when I get bit and mosquitos will find me anytime, anywhere, no matter what!  It felt like a large marble size knot and I thought my skin looked a little red, but turns out that was because I kept mashing on it!

Monday January 29th - I called my OBGYN and let them know that I needed to get an appointment asap!  I may have been googling things on the internet and might have started to create some unnecessary paranoia!

Tuesday January 30th - Appointment with my OBGYN who has known me for a very long time and knows that I tend to be somewhat dramatic at times, and might make comments that would lead some people to think I may be considered "crazy".... Like the time I tried to convince him to give me a "Butt Sonogram" when I was pregnant with my son because of the insane amount of pressure I was feeling and I was CERTAIN that he was seriously trying to climb out the back door!  Needless to say my son was born via C-Section and my doctor was right.... but that is neither here nor there!

Thursday Feb 1st - 3D Mammogram and Sonogram

Friday Feb 2nd - Breast Biopsy

Monday Feb 5th - The "Phone Call" confirming the results of the biopsy as the dreaded "C Word"

Tuesday Feb 6th - Appointment with the Breast Cancer Surgeon to go over the pathology report, discuss options, ask questions

Wednesday Feb 7th - Breast MRI  (This was quite an interesting test!  You lay on your stomach on the MRI table and there are two holes cut out for the "girls" to dangle through while they inject contrast through an IV and send you into the tunnel to take pictures for about 30 minutes!)

Friday Feb 9th - Another sonogram to go over the findings from the MRI 

Friday Feb 16th - Appointment with the Reconstructive Breast Surgeon

Friday Feb 23 - Pre-Op appointment at the hospital

Monday Feb 26th - Radioactive dye injection so they can see my lymph nodes during surgery

Tuesday Feb 27th - "Boobvoyage" Day!  A.k.a Bi-Lateral Mastectomy with tissue expanders