Phil Raupp|Sep 26, 2019
Well, it's been a while Bo, how are things? We at Reedsburg Ambulance would love an update.
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julia zimmerman|Oct 8, 2018
Dear Bo -
You don't know me or my family but we are very good friends with you dear Uncle Dan and Aunt Mary. We are their neighbors at Green Lake and also live in Rockford, IL. We have been following your journey and are so impressed with your progress. So happy you are coming through this. Keep working hard and keep your spirits up! You are a miracle and an inspiration to many!
God Bless!
Brad and Julia Zimmerman
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Cheryl Quinn|Oct 7, 2018
So wonderful to hear from you, Bo. You wrote from your heart~~beautiful. I know you're working hard, and you will get great results.
You already know the saying Slow and Steady. You have learned patience. God has watched over you, and all our prayers have been answered for you. Love, Cheryl
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Irene Boltz|Oct 5, 2018
Wonderfully written, Bo! So good to hear you’re doing so well. And you’re right, you don’t think it can happen to you until it does . God Bless and my prayers will continue!
The Boltz’s
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Joshua Akers|Oct 4, 2018
Love you brother! I'm glad to hear you're healing quickly.
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Julia Martin|Oct 4, 2018
Bo, so very happy that your recovery is going well. Been praying like crazy. I know you've talked to Rob and he is so excited about your progress. Continue on working hard in your therapy and I'm sure you'll be back stronger than ever. Sending much love and prayers your way.
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Kathleen Lutz|Oct 4, 2018
Soooo very happy and thankful for your recovery 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😍 continue for your next exciting year!!!!!
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Linda Malone|Oct 4, 2018
Bo, we are all so glad your story has a happy ending. Just knowing that you are alive and well and working so hard to get back to 100% gives me faith in the power of prayer. Keep hangin in there. See you at the next Curran reunion!❤️
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Ryan Geiken|Oct 4, 2018
Keep at it Bo never give In every thing will be right in time.. stay strong man
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Lindsay Rockweiler|Oct 3, 2018
You’re an inspiration to so many Bo! It was so great to meet you last week... you are the reason why we do what we do!! Keep fighting! All of us here at RAMC are rooting for you! ❤️
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