Bo’s Story

Site created on July 23, 2018

Hello family and friends, 

Some of you may have heard that on Saturday night, Bo had an accident involving a firework. He was severely injured and was helicoptered to University of Wisconsin Madison Hospital.  He has injury to his lungs, arm, and some burns. He is in critical condition but since last night has been able to open his eyes and respond to us when we talk to him.  It is amazing to see that our Bo Bo is still in there.  I will update this page when there are updates.  There has been some altered stories going around so we hope that this page will make it easier for people to get correct information.  

We know that tons of you are praying for Bo and we ask that you continue....he needs all the prayers he can get! 

Thank you all so much!
Much Love, 
Kim, Monty, Hillary, Holly & Dave, Broc & Tiffany and families

Newest Update

Journal entry by Bo Johnson

Well I’ve been thinkin about what to say hear for weeks now and every time I open this app to try and write something I get a bit choked up and decide the “I’ll do it some other day”. Well I’m gunna get through it today.

July 21st is a day that I don’t remember but I’ll never forget as it changed my and many others lives. You always see stories about these kinda things happening but you never think it’s gunna happen to you and your buddies until it does.

I finally got the guts to go back and read all the entries on this page that my sister and Hillary posted about my journey in the hospital and I was cryin just about the entire time. I wasn’t just cryin over what was in the post but also in the comments. I read every comment on every post from y’all that were following my journey and my goodness y’all are somethin amazing. You never know how many lives you have touched or effected or how poeple care about the well being of someone that they may have never met just because their friend knew that person. The out pour of love and support and prayer for me and my family is indescribable. With out y’all praying and sending love and good vibes and some help from modern medicine and my AMAZING doctors nurses and ambulance staff I would not be here today.

Speaking of being here today I AM!!!! WE DID IT!!!!! My lungs have completely healed as far as we know. The 2nd degree burns I sustained to my chest and stomach have healed amazingly. The third degree burns have been skin grafted as well as my lower arm where they ripped it open to fix the compartment syndrome and that healed better and faster than the doctor expected. I’m working very hard five times a week with a very tough and caring therapist to get range of motion back in my right arm. Right now my elbow has responded very well almost having full range back. My shoulder is following closely with my elbow we have some scaring we are dealing with on my right peck that effects the range of motion but we are working very hard to counter that. My wrist and fingers are being effected by some nerve damage that effects the muscles that control the motion in them. Currently I have no feeling in my thumb and it gets better as you go toward my pinky as that has full feeling. I can’t lift my wrist up but I can push it down. I can almost make a fist when my therapist stretches my fingers but my muscles and strong enough for me to do it on my own yet.

Before I go and start my morning routine I just want to let you all know how much you all mean to me and my family and friends to help us get through this hard time. WE COULD NOT DO IT WITHOUT YOU!!!!! We still have a lot of work to do on my arm but I’m here and safe and that is what matters most.

Thank you with all my heart
Bo Johnson.
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