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Journal entry by Kelly Calfy


I didn’t even realize the last time I updated this we were 4 weeks away from cast removal! My apologies, it just occurred to me today that we have family and friends NOT on FB that follow this! 

Here is the Bodie scoop! 

His cast removal was moved up 3 days because of Covid and it was removed on April 21st. He did really well! He wasn’t too fond of the saw, but as soon as he realized he could move, he was elated! He immediately bent his knees, which I thought would take awhile and possibly hurt, but Bodie showed no indication of pain. He was immediately put in his braces. 

The braces suck. 😑 BUT!!! Anything is better than that stinky cast and within 2 days he was walking in them and crawling in and out of bed. When I say this boy amazes me everyday, I truly mean it! ❤️ 

He is only allowed to take the braces off for a bath or to go potty, which we are back on some potty training and he is doing rather well with it! Yes, he has to sleep in them. 😔 he really doesn’t act like they are too uncomfortable, but I am sure they are. Bodie is just such a tough boy and takes everything in stride. 

Bath time has become one of his favorite things to do and he lets us know when he wants one. We are still trying to find a way for him to let us know he needs to go potty, but the fact that the braces come off when he goes helps with his want to. 

Bodie is practically running in these braces y’all!! He is climbing too! They keep his legs separated to ensure his hips stay where they need to be. He can bend and sit, but it’s not very comfortable. They won’t go in a 90 degree angle so sitting in certain places that isn’t “soft” (like the couch) isn’t easy and he slips out of chairs. We have figured out a way to remedy that in most instances. 

If he tries to bend over to pick something off the ground, he usually falls since he can’t bend too much at the hip or squat. We don’t have an exact date as to when we can stop wearing the braces either. 😕 He has a follow up appointment on June 23rd and we are hoping we can go to only wearing them at night. 🤞 

Bodie is back to his crazy, happy, sometimes ornery self. 😁 He is so excited  to be independent again. I couldn’t have asked for a better kid. Where Bodie is lacking on some development and milestones, he thrives in so many other areas! He doesn’t complain, always just rolls with the punches and he is always working hard to “catch up” in most areas. He definitely has quite the personality and attitude sometimes , but I’m so proud of our family working together to figure out what’s best and how to help him get to where he needs to be. 

Bodie is the strongest boy ever. Period. Josh and I are so proud of all the things he overcomes, every single milestone that he hits and thankful that he is such a light in this dark world. 

Again, thank you to everyone that prays for my baby and our family. We believe in the power of prayer and are extremely thankful for God’s faithfulness. 

Below are a few updated pics of the Bodester! He finally got a haircut, but since he is so mobile now, it’s hard to get a good pic. 😘

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