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In early 2018, Bob noticed some increasing chest pain and difficulty swallowing.  Various tests, etc., at Scripps San Diego eventually led to a diagnosis of Stage IIIa invasive adenocarcinoma - esophageal cancer.  Bob began chemo/radiation treatment on March 1 for 5 weeks, with plans to remove the tumors via surgery in mid April.  

This site will keep the progress updated, with journal entries by Bob, Brian (son), Stephen (son) maybe even Ayse.  We really appreciate any and all words of support,  encouragement, advice, prayers, positive thoughts and more!

Newest Update

Journal entry by Stephen Underhill

As we’re sitting in the ICU watching my dad sleep, we’re wondering about the number of deaths that must occur within these walls.  According to Mom, if someone dies with unresolved conflicts, they could remain as a ghost until those conflicts are resolved.  With San Quentin down the road from us, we see many patient rooms with correctional officers stationed outside.  That could lead to many angry ghosts around here.  We asked the night nurse about hauntings in this hospital. According to him, there are no ghosts here.  What happened to them?  It dawned on me that the hospital could recycle ghosts through the maternity ward.  A few years ago my daughter was born here.  Given her defiant strong-willed personality, I wouldn’t surprise me if she inherited the soul of a former San Quentin inmate.

Bob is completely sedated because he would have been quick to chime in if he could.  At this point he is stable but sedation is required to do so.  Over the course of the week we’re expecting further tests to be done it assess his lung and brain function.  Our worry is that the path to respectable recovery is getting narrower and narrower.  At least we know what he thinks about the existence of ghosts, or lack of.
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