Journal entry by Joan Stromberg

So, today is Bob's birthday! Please wish him a Happy Birthday if you haven't already! And thanks again for all your prayers and good wishes.

Yesterday, Bob got his first scan since the liver resection. Unfortunately, it wasn't the good news we had been praying and hoping for. The liver has regrown along with numerous tumors...about six in all in the liver itself. Another two or three have grown significantly in the lung areas (they had been very small and not active previously)along with a number of other "hot spots" in the original tumor site (colon) pancreas, abdomen, lung, etc. 

So,sine Bob has been through 2 surgeries, a year of 3 different chemo and radiation treatments, his doctors were looking for an outside the box treatment. They have decided to start a targeted therapy treatment of three different targeted therapy treatments. They hope these treatments stop the progression of the disease so that Bob's own immune system can handle those cancer cells left behind. This is a very experimental clinical trial that has very good initial response, but no long term results.

Today is Bob's 59th birthday. If you can send him a B-day message, I'm sure he will greatly appreaciate it. or 502 475 1269. Thank you for your prayers. 
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