Madonna Stinson|Jul 16, 2019
I'm offering my prayers and Mass for you today Bob as you under go your surgery. May Our Lady of Mt Carmel, wrap her mantle of love and protection around you and your family. Jesus we trust in You.
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Lowell Allen|Jun 30, 2019
Dear Bob, Joan and family: We appreciate your updates and information. It is so helpful, as we can share the info. with other family members and friends, as we keep all of you in our ongoing prayers. Rest assured, we are thinking about each of you, as you continue on this journey. From my own cancer days, an "Unknown Author" said this, which is something I have never forgotten, given to me by an oncology nurse 30 years ago - perhaps you have seen it? It is entitled, "What Cancer Cannot Do - Cancer is so cannot cripple love, shatter hope, corrode faith, suppress memories, kill friendships, silence courage, invade the soul, conquer our spirit, destroy peace or steal eternal life." I have found this saying to ring true for myself and others, who like you, continue to fight, to stay strong and positive, and who lean on God for every need. Take care and continued blessings to all....
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Dora Fisher|Jun 30, 2019
Hi Bob,

Hang in there! While we don't get an opportunity to talk much, please know I'm praying for you and your family.
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Michelle Croswell|Jun 30, 2019
Thank you for always being transparent in your updates and sharing exactly what is going on. I appreciate your honesty. I am praying and believing for your healing!
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Denise Perritt|Jun 30, 2019
Dear Bob,
You and your family are amazing and we are grateful for your generosity in sharing your thoughts, feelings, and progress. We are here and remain hopeful along with all of you.
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Diane Fahy|Jun 30, 2019
God bless you all as you move through this with love and hope! Thank you for sharing and know that you continue to be in our prayers. Let us know how we might help. My own experience during difficult periods like this is that the needs can vary so much from day to day, week to do please let us know if there is a need, no matter how simple.
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