Journal entry by Bob Stromberg

A couple people expressed concern about my comment regarding 4 months without treatment.  Wednesday was a rough day for me and all of my family.  My intention was to express the fear and anxiety that we felt that evening.  My biggest concern was that I would need to go through some tumor reduction process which would have added months to my treatment.  But Thursday was a great relief.  I am very confident that removing the tumor will greatly increase my chances of long term survival and the 2 months without chemo will not be a problem.  The growth tends to exponential, not linear, so 2 months is not half the risk but just a small fraction of the risk.  It has now been 3.5 weeks and I can tell by the numbness in my feet and fatigue that there is still plenty of chemo left in my system.  My family and I are again very hopeful.
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