Journal entry by Bob Stromberg

Right after my last post, I started losing my hair (two weeks after my first treatment).  It was falling out in clumps so I had Maggie buzz all the hair off.  Now I look like I have cancer.  The first two chemo treatments were supposed to make me lose my hair.  The first one, it thinned a lot.  The second one it actually grew back a little.  This third one finally got me.  Hopefully it will get the cancer too since the first two did not.

I had my second treatment on June 3.  Merck did approve the free immunotherapy (Keytruda) so in addition to the chemo, I received my first immunotherapy treatment.  Other than the loss of hair, the neuropathy and tiring more quickly, I am still doing very well.  Still trying to swim once per week.  I am scheduled to have another CAT scan this Wednesday, June 19.  It usually takes 3-5 days to get the results.  No change would be good since it was a couple weeks between previous scan and start of new treatment.  My guess is the tumor continued to grow during that time so no change means it shrunk back to previous size.
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