Rose Schaeffer|Jun 2, 2019
Praying for you, Bob, as it sounds as if you have lots to offer up... Grace and strength be yours..
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Denise Perritt|May 27, 2019
I am praying the chemo treatment is effective in reducing the size of the tumor and the immunotherapy kills all the cancer. Sending lots of love and healing strength your way.
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Michelle Croswell|May 27, 2019
Such good news Bob! God is working all things for your good!!
Continued healing prayers going up for you!!
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Lind Pegg|May 26, 2019
Bob that’s AWESOME news!
It makes us proud that Mike works for Merck.
There’s always hope. Stay strong!
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Diane Fahy|May 26, 2019
YES, good hope! Sounds like a good plan. We will water that with prayer. Thank you for updating us Bob!
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