Journal entry by Bob Stromberg

My next treatment was moved to June 3.  The neuropathy  seems to be under control for now.  It still bothers me but is not debilitating.  I did get another swim the other day and it was not great, but much better than the last one.  My doctor had prescribed starting an immunotherapy in conjunction with the chemo drugs but the insurance company did not approve it.  My doctor said that the manufacturer (Merck) has a program that will sometimes provide the drugs at no cost.  I filled out all the paperwork and found out this past week that it was approved.  The benefits of the immunotherapy is that uses your own immune system to fight the cancer.  But typically it takes about 3 -6 months to start to work.  So hopefully, if this chemo treatment is effective at stopping the spread and even reducing the size of the tumor, the immunotherapy will start to kick in and control any further spreading and possibly kill all the cancer cells.
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