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Appointments and Updates

Bob currently has a busy doctor schedule.  This week he met with the Radiation and Hematology doctors.  Their proposal is six months of chemo with two days of continuous infusion every other week.  They also recommend six weeks of radiation 5-days per week concurrent with the chemo to treat the immediate area around where the tumor was removed.  The biopsy report listed the tumor as MIXED ADENONEUROENDOCRINE CARCINOMA (MANEC). We asked the doctor today if that was a hybrid or two distinct cancers. He said they are distinct - one is the very common Adeno Carcinoma and the other is a rare neuroendocrine tumor (NET).  The proposed treatment is intended to eliminate both types of cancer.  He has a 3-week follow up visit with the Rectal Surgen tomorrow to review his recovery.  Next week, he goes in for a PET scan on Wednesday, August 8 and an initial consultation with the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center on Friday, August 10 to review his case.  They are a premier Cancer Research Institute that have 12 specialist in NET cancer.  After meeting with them, we will decide how to proceed.  The local doctor was pleased that we are getting a second opinion from the Markey center and would like to work with them in the administration of treatment or as a minimum, learn from their recommendation.  The following week, he is scheduled to have a port implanted for the chemo administration and follow up visits with the Radiation and Hematology doctors to finalize treatment plans.

Bob continues to heal very well from the surgery. He walks 3-5 miles a day and is dealing with the ostomy well. It looks like the ostomy won't be able to be reversed until after all his treatments...in 6-7 months. He has found, though, that as the chemo and radiology allows, he can do pretty much anything with the ostomy, including swim, which he hopes to begin again soon. The home health nurse, all the nurses and doctors we have visited are so amazed at how healthy he is and what a low, strong heartbeat he has (47-55 bpm is typical). They all say that his healthy habits will help him beat this cancer. He's always been an overachiever, so I'm sure that is so.

We are all doing well. I've handed over most of my commitments to younger moms and others willing and able to take over those programs so I can be there for Bob during his treatments. The adult kids and the younger kids are all stepping up and picking up slack and helping to make sure things run smoothly. It was such a blessing to have both Elizabeth and Bob's sister, Lisa, to come and help last weekend. They were both such help and such a joy!

Your prayers are most especially helpful in lifting us up and carrying us through this trial. Thank you all so much!!

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